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COD Analysis

COD analysis (Chemical Oxygen Demand) refers to the oxygen used during the oxidation of substances dissolved and suspended in water. In this way, it is possible to determine the amount of chemically oxidizable substances with energy oxidants present in a strongly acidic solution.

VELP Scientifica offers two solutions for COD analysis:
• Photometric method: ECO 8, 16 and 25, which accept tubes Ø 16 or 22 mm (depending on the model), where the sample is directly processable in the photometer;
• Traditional method: DK 6 and 20, plus DKL 20, able to analyze the sample in bigger test tubes (Ø 42 mm), followed by an apposite titration.

In addition to the models mentioned above, ECO 6 allows both the methods: standard configuration includes bigger tubes, but with a dedicated accessory it is possible to perform the COD analysis with Ø 16 mm tube (for a total of 18 positions) or Ø 22 mm (6 positions).
Both the solutions are working in accordance with international standards, including ISO and APHA-AWWA-WPCF.


COD Analysis

VELP Scientifica ECO thermoreactors are suitable for COD analysis and for sample preparation for a wide range of applications.

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Kjeldahl Digestion Units

The digester is a widely used instrument in laboratories performing nitrogen analysis for diversified applications in food&feed, beverage, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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