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SER 158 Series Automatic Solvent Extractor
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SER 158 Series Automatic Solvent Extractor

A fully automated solvent extractor capable of a high sample throughput, offering state-of-the-art technology for a fast, precise and accurate fat determination in complete safety according to Randall or Twisselmann techniques.

Exceptional Versatility and Scalability

  • Great range of applications for fat determination and sample preparation
  • Vast set of accessories for a wide range of applications
  • Up to 4 SER 158 units independently controlled with a single ControlPad managing up to 24 active positions
  • Works with the majority of solvents

High Productivity

  • Fast fat determination
  • Extraction process with Randall technique is 5 times faster than traditional Soxhlet
  • 24/7 unattended operations with automatic shutdown to ensure high throughput

High Performance

  • Fully automated extraction process
  • Titanium condensers (Patent pending) for unparalleled performance
  • Vast set of sensors and state-of-the-art technology
  • Conform to Good Laboratory Practice standards

Extreme Safety

  • SolventXpress™: the smart and hermetically sealed solvent dispensing system
  • SafeEnd™: to prevent the overheating of the soluble matter
  • Safety Guard: to ensure operator safety

Smart User Interface

  • One click “Load & Go”
  • Easy analysis program setting
  • LED guidance for active positions
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Several Predefined Methods
  • Balance connection

* Saving Time, Energy, Money & Space


SER 158, “Load & Go” - Video
Watch the video of the NEW SER 158 Fully Automatic Solvent extractor in action, and find out how you can quickly get accurate and precise results according to the Randall Technique. The SER 158 is the optimal solution for fully unattended operations and true scalability. Choose the SER 158 to improve the extraction process for the determination of extractable matter compared to the traditional Soxhlet: just prepare the sample, Load & Go.

Product Code

  Description Power Supply Code
SER 158/3 115-230 V / 50-60 Hz S303A0390


A00000286 ControlPad

SER 158/6 115-230 V / 50-60 Hz S303A0380


A00000286 ControlPad

SER 158/3 without ControlPad 115-230 V / 50-60 Hz F303A0390

SER 158/3

SER 158/6 without ControlPad 115-230 V / 50-60 Hz F303A0380

SER 158/6

VELP Scientifica


A00000298   A00000297   A00000290   A00000312   A00000305  
A00000298Grey butyl seal 3pcs/box
A00000297Green viton seal 3pcs/box
A00000290Extraction cup STD Ø 56x120mm 3pcs/box
A00000312Extraction thimbles holder Ø 33mm
A00000305Boiling stones, 80g
A00000295   10000280   10002866   10006054      
A00000295Cellulose thimbles 33x80mm, 25pcs/box
10000280Inlet water tube
10002866Teflon tube Ø 4x6mm
10006054Connection 1/8 NPT - tube 6x4


A00000288   A00000303   A00000302   A00000291   A00000292  
A00000288White vaflon seal SER158 3pcs/box
A00000303Extraction cup S Ø 48x120mm 3pcs/box
A00000302Extraction cup L Ø 65x120mm 3pcs/box
A00000291Extraction thimbles holder Ø 25mm
A00000292Extraction thimbles holder Ø 40mm
A00000294   A00000296   A00000314   A00000313   A00000310  
A00000294Cellulose thimbles 25x80mm, 25pcs/box
A00000296Cellulose thimbles 40x80mm, 25pcs/box
A00000314Glass fiber thimbles 25x80mm, 25pcs/box
A00000313Glass fiber thimbles 33x80mm, 25pcs/box
A00000310Thimble weighing cup
A00000311   A00000304   A00000293   A00000301   A00000299  
A00000311Thimbles stand 6 places
A00000304Handling device extraction cups
A00000293Crucible holder HU 6 for SER158
A00000301Complete Glass bottle solvent collection
A00000299Inlet Connection1/4NPT-tubeØ 4,3÷4,5mm
A00000300   A00000287   A00000195   A00000318   A00000315  
A00000300Inlet Connection 1/4NPT-tube Ø4,8÷5mm
A00000287Slave connection cable
A00000195Adapter USB-RS232
A00000318Oat meal, 30g
A00000315Extension lead 2m for ControlPad
A00000306IQ/OQ/PQ SER158 Manual
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