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Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer - NDA 701

A powerful Dumas Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer, able to perform precise nitrogen analysis and protein determination in a flash. It is the best solution for high productivity and offers unique benefits, being totally unsupervised.

NDA 701 is a powerful Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer for accurate total nitrogen analysis, able to hold up to 4 discs, 30 positions each. Performing precise nitrogen and protein determination in a flash, it is the best solution for high productivity and offers unique benefits, being totally unsupervised. This means that the NDA does not need to be controlled during its work and is able to process samples 24/7.

It is a great solution to environmental concerns: minimum wastes and residues are produced and the life of consumables is optimized by the software (remaining customizable for any need). Saving on consumables means saving money: with conscientious lab management, the cost per analysis will be incredibly low.

NDA 701 is entirely controlled via PC through the intuitive DUMASoft™ Software. The several pre-installed methods and the numerous calibration curves that can be stored, increase the efficiency of the instrument. The software accepts weight values directly from the balance. Data management appears clear and detailed, thanks to the final reports and the graph. The analyses can be recalled by a database and can be saved in different formats (according to LIMS) on the PC, exported as test reports or printed.

NDA 701 offers a very low detection limit (0.003 mg N) and a good RSD% (<0.5% with EDTA standard). All in compliance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). Moreover the NDA 701 incorporates TEMS™ Technology for major savings in Time, Energy, Money and Space, pursuing VELP's contribution to environmental protection.


NDA 701, Analysis in a flash
Watch NDA 701 VELP Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer in action. NDA 701 is the exclusive VELP Scientifica solution for rapid, accurate and reliable Nitrogen/Protein determination using the Dumas technique and offering accurate and precise results. NDA 701 is ideal for high troughput, being fully automated and requiring just 3-4 minutes per analysis.

Product Code

  Description Power Supply Code
NDA 701 230 V / 50-60 Hz F30800070


A00000193   40001065   40001504   40001693   10003926  
A00000193Start-up kit
40001065Autosampler with disc 1
40001504DUMASoft™ Software
40001693USB cable for PC, 5m
10003926RS232 cable for balance


A00000194   A00000199   A00000200   A00000201   A00000148  
A000001941000 analyses kit for NDA 701
A00000199Disc 2 for autosampler
A00000200Disc 3 for autosampler
A00000201Disc 4 for autosampler
A00000148Chromosorb 10g
A00000154   A00000240   A00000157   A00000159   A00000160  
A00000154Quartz wool, 50 g
A00000240Vcopper™ High Reduction Efficiency, 470 g
A00000157Copper oxide, 50g
A00000159VHT catalyst, 50g
A00000160VLT catalyst, 25g
A00000149   A00000153   A00000162   A00000225   A00000236  
A00000149EDTA, 100 g
A00000153Tin Foil Cups, 150pcs
A00000162Quartz reactor tube
A00000225Anhydrone, 454g
A00000236High temperature sealing grease
A00000235   A00000198   A00000161   A00000217   A00000158  
A00000235Rice flour
A00000198Ceramic ash insert
A00000161Quartz ash insert
A00000217Tin foil cup closing device
A00000158Pre-Packed Combustion Reactor
A00000226   A00000192              
A00000226Pre-Packed Reduction Reactor
A00000192NDA IQ/OQ/PQ Manual
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