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AREX-6 Connect PRO Hot Plate Stirrer

The first hot plate stirrer with embedded Wi-Fi technology to monitor and control your reactions through VELP Ermes cloud platform.
3 years warranty
AREX-6 Connect PRO System with Probe SA20500465
AREX-6 Connect PRO System with Probe SA20510465
AREX-6 Connect PRO System with Probe, Rod and Clamp SB20500465
AREX-6 Connect PRO System with Probe, Rod and Clamp SB20510465

Monitor your instrument anytime, anywhere with VELP Ermes

Monitor your instrument anytime, anywhere with VELP Ermes

The cloud technology permits to reduce daily manual tasks and repetitive operations thanks to real-time monitor and control of your AREX-6 Connect PRO. Immediate event and alarm notification will inform you about your analyses and the remote analysis interruption guarantees the total control of your process. 

Data Logging and Insights on the instrument are available to enhance productivity and reproducibility

Access to your instrument data and working condition trough VELP Ermes web platform. Secure your recent data on cloud and share your reports with your peers, anytime, anywhere. 

Be sure to always have the best performance and new features with OTA software updates. 

Superior safety and durability

Superior safety and durability

The AREX-6 Connect PRO is provided of 2 independent safety circuits that switch-off the heat preventing possible hazard in all cases of overtemperature (higher than the set point).  

When the plate temperature is 50°C  the display will show a residual hot plate message preventing potential burning.


The probe detection alarm of the AREX-6 Connect PRO detects that the external probe is not immersed in the medium and stops the heat preserving the sample from burning.

With the AREX-6 Connect PRO is now possible to adjust the maximum operating temperature in order to meet all the Labs safety standards.

The AREX-6 Connect PRO is IP42 certified and thanks to the resistant die-cast housing and the run-off grove all the internal parts of the instrument are protected from potential damages.

The AREX-6 Connect PRO is designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty (register online your AREX-6 Connect PRO to get the warranty extension).


State-of-the-art thermoregulation

State-of-the-art thermoregulation

Best in class thermoregulation extremely stable, fast and with minimal overshoot thanks to the PID thermoregulation software.

The AREX-6 Connect PRO includes Pt100 Probe and can be connected to VTF for precise and accurate control of the temperature of the medium.

Working with the Pt100 probe It is possible to choose 2 different thermoregulation modes to match all requirements:

  • FAST: the Hot Plate Stirrer quickly reaches to the set point temperature with a little overshoot
  • FINE: slower temperature set point reaching with an optimized overshoot


Easy to use and smart user interface

Easy to use and smart user interface

The bright white LED display with black background is easy to read and thanks to the icons the operator has always the clear readout of the working conditions.

The icons inform about: probe connection, heat activation, set point temperature, timer activation and auto-reverse option. 

Lock your instrument by pressing the central button for 3 seconds, a white LED will blink if an interaction is detected. 


Two extremely precise turning knobs control the temperature and speed setting and for starting the heating is now necessary to tap the knob for complete safety.

By tapping at the same time both knobs it is possible to access to the advanced menu for the most suitable configuration of all operating modes.


Superior performances

Superior performances

The powerful brushless motor is able to stir from 30 up to 1700 rpm. Speed is always constant as viscosity changes with the torque compensation SpeedServo.

The strong Alnico Magnet provides state-of-the-art magnetic coupling and guarantees excellent peripheral stirring very important when combining the AREX-6 Connect PRO with the accessories.

The 135 mm diameter top is protected from chemicals and scratches by the resistant CeAlTop™ ceramic coating. It is made of aluminum alloy that guarantees temperature homogeneity and the fastest heat transfer and of a thin layer of ceramic protecting the plate.


Program your reactions with timer and auto-reverse option

Program your reactions with timer and auto-reverse option

The central button permits to set the timer in order to save time to the operator and enabling unsupervised work.

The timer is settable from 1 min up to 99 hours and in the advanced menu is possible to configure it as follow:

  • Snap: timer countdown starts as soon as one main function (Temperature/Speed) is on
  • SetP: timer countdown starts when temperature set point is reached

The Auto-reverse option enhances the kinetics by changing the direction of the stirring direction. Is also possible to set the change in direction at the preferred interval of time.



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Clean and safe round bottom flasks to replace oil baths and mantles

Clean and safe round bottom flasks to replace oil baths and mantles

The Hemispheric Bowl are the most suitable solution to replace oil baths and mantles in order to perform clean and safe analysis with round bottom flasks.

VELP Hemispheric Bowl precisely fit the 135 mm diameter plate and the flask surface, ensuring the fastest heat transfer.

Increase the productivity with MonoAluBlock™ and MultiAluBlock™

Increase the productivity with MonoAluBlock™ and MultiAluBlock™

The new MonoAluBlockand MultiAluBlock™ permits to perform numerous reactions, reducing time and bench space also achieving the highest stirring and heating performances.

  • MonoAluBlock are the ideal solution for all the application that require to stir multiple vials of the same dimensions
  • MultiAluBlock  consist of small combinable segments in order to accommodate different sizes of vials at the same time. The user can select the most suitable mix for his application
Clamp for the probe
cod. A00000280
Extension for support rod
cod. A00000382
Handle for AluBlock removal
cod. A00000351
Hemispheric bowl for 1000ml flasks
cod. A00000334
Hemispheric bowl for 100ml flasks
cod. A00000331
Hemispheric bowl for 250ml flasks
cod. A00000332
Hemispheric bowl for 25ml flasks
cod. A00000373
Hemispheric bowl for 3L flasks
cod. A00000374
Hemispheric bowl for 500ml flasks
cod. A00000333
Hemispheric bowl for 50ml flasks
cod. A00000330
Hemispheric bowl for 5L flasks
cod. A00000375
Magnetic cross shape stir bar, Ø10x5 mm
cod. A00000336
Magnetic cross shape stir bar, Ø20x8 mm
cod. A00000352
Magnetic disc stir bar, Ø10x6 mm
cod. A00000354
Magnetic disc stir bar, Ø20x10 mm
cod. A00000355
Magnetic octagonal stir bar, Ø10x13 mm
cod. A00000357
Magnetic stir bar Ø10x60 mm
cod. A00001061
Magnetic stir bar Ø6x20mm
cod. A00001057
Magnetic stir bar Ø6x35 mm
cod. A00001056
Magnetic stir bar Ø8x40 mm
cod. A00000356
Magnetic stir bar, Ø3x6 mm
cod. A00001062
Magnetic stir bar, Ø4,5x12 mm
cod. A00001063
MonoAluBlock, 17 pos. Ø28 x h 24 mm
cod. A00000338
MonoAluBlock, 17 pos. Ø28 x h 30 mm
cod. A00000339
MonoAluBlock, 17 pos. Ø28 x h 43 mm
cod. A00000340
MonoAluBlock, 40 pos. Ø12 x h 14 mm
cod. A00000341
MultiAluBlockTM, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 24 mm
cod. A00000326
MultiAluBlock™ Base Ø135 mm
cod. A00000323
MultiAluBlock™, 11 pos. Ø12 x h 14 mm
cod. A00000337
MultiAluBlock™, 11 pos. Ø15 x h 20 mm
cod. A00000329
MultiAluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø21 x h31 mm
cod. A00000327
MultiAluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 30 mm
cod. A00000325
MultiAluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 43 mm
cod. A00000324
MultiAluBlock™, 8 pos. Ø17 x h 26 mm
cod. A00000328
Protective cover ARE-AREX-6 series
cod. A00000335
PTFE Safety cover for bowl 100 ml
cod. A00000343
PTFE Safety cover for bowl 1000 ml
cod. A00000346
PTFE Safety cover for bowl 250 ml
cod. A00000344
PTFE Safety cover for bowl 50 ml
cod. A00000342
PTFE Safety cover for bowl 500 ml
cod. A00000345
Support rod
cod. A00001069
Temperature Probe AISI 316 Ti Ø3 mm
cod. A00000268
Temperature probe glass-coated Ø5 mm
cod. A00000349
VELP Ermes 1 year Connection
cod. E00010012
VELP Ermes 3 years Connection
cod. E00010036


VELP Ermes Connection Yes
User Interface Digital
Connectivity Cloud via WiFi
Motor Brushless
Plate Material CerAlTop™ (ceramic coated aluminum alloy)
Plate Diameter 135 mm
Stirring Volume (H2O) Up to 20L
Stirring Speed Range 30-1700 rpm
Speed Accuracy 5 rpm
Speed Control Digital
Torque Compensation SpeedServo™
Temperature Range Room temp. - 370 °C
Heat Control Digital
Heat Setting Resolution 1 °C
External Digital Thermoregulators Connect VTF
External Probe Connection Pt100
Medium Heat Control Accuracy ± 0,5 °C (VTF)
± 1 °C (PT100)
Timer Yes
Auto-Reverse Yes
Probe Detector Yes
Hot Top Warning System On Display
On/Off Safety-Heating-Switch Yes
Protection Class IP42
Dimensions (WxHxD) 160x105x280
(6.3x4.1x11 in)
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5-40 °C
Power Input 630 W
Weight 2,6 kg
(5.7 lb)

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