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Join us on September 23 and e-meet our expert at Kemomind 2020


Do you want to discover more about the analytical challenges in Food and Beverage? We will be presenting during the Digital Science Conference Kemomind 2020. 
Join us on September 23 and e-meet our expert at Kemomind 2020
The KEMOMIND Scientific Conference is one of the most interactive educational events in the Southern Europe region. We have been invited to discuss the current challenges and solutions in the field of food and beverage analysis. 

Kemomind 2020 will be an online conference organized by Kemomed with the aim of sharing knowledge through experts' speeches, webinars, workshops and much more.

VELP will be participating with two interesting speech facing two challenges in Food, Feed and Beverage: Nitrogen/protein determination and Oxidation stability of fats and oils.

WHEN: September 23 2020 from 11:00 to 12:35. 

Here the detail of VELP speech:
  • “N/Protein Analysis – Kjeldahl vs. Dumas method. Principles, applications and choice criteria” 11.05 – 11:50.  The Dumas method (also known as combustion method) and the Kjeldahl method are the main techniques for N/Protein determination. Both are primary methods and both are validated by different international organizations but which one should we choose if we want to perform N/Protein Analysis?
  • “OXITEST – Lipid Oxidation Stability. Areas of Application and Benefits in Supply Chain” 11:50 – 12:35. The oxidation stability test is an important parameter to investigate the behavior of fat and oils oxidation in the Food&Feed, Cosmetic and Petrochemical industries. Which are the benefits?
The official languages of the conference will be English. Applications are available online up to 20 September 2020. 

Visit the official website and register to the event >

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