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Elemental analyzers



Discover how our Dumas Nitrogen Analyzers help Baird Malts achieve unmatched precision and enhanced lab productivity in assuring the quality of its products.
With a production of over 40 different malts, Bairds Malt is one of the main malt producers based in Scotland, the land of whisky.

From its beginnings, as a family-owned business that was committed to bringing quality malt to Glasgow’s brewers, Bairds Malt grew and developed into a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading brewers and distillers.

The business challenge

QUALITY MALT SINCE 1823”: this is Bairds Malt's slogan and delivering high-quality products is one of the values that the company shares with VELP.

Accurate determination of Nitrogen and Protein is essential for any laboratory involved quality control. Stringent standards on the composition of food and feed are being applied in ever-widening markets.

To supply the market with the best malted barley quality, a barley pre-delivery sample is always supplied so that Bairds Malt can choose only barley that meets their specifications. Barley must be sampled and tested on the way into, and again after the barley has been malted, to ensure it meets the specific needs of each customer. For this reason, Bairds Malt was looking for a reliable and fast solution.

The solution: VELP NDA Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzers

The solution: VELP NDA Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzers
To face its daily challenges, Bairds Malt chose its first VELP NDA 701 Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer in 2011.

According to the Dumas method, the powerful Dumas Protein/Nitrogen Analyzers are fully automated solutions, operating totally unsupervised, for Nitrogen and Protein determination in a flash.

The NDA series offers high performance on both solid and liquid samples, according to international standards such as AOAC, AACC, ASBC, ISO, IFFO, OIV.

Bairds Malt was immediately satisfied with its choice. For this reason, it decided to purchase two more Dumas VELP analyzers: an additional NDA 701 and an NDA 702, a fast and safe solution for a high level of productivity in the determination of Nitrogen and Protein, with a choice of Helium or Argon as carrier gas. 

The customer also replaced the already owned competitor's analyzer and currently, the three NDA solutions are in daily use.

Results and benefits

Results and benefits
The VELP NDA Series solutions enable Bairds Malt to ensure high-throughput and quick turnaround time in N/Protein determination, with supreme ease of use and safety, especially necessary during barley harvesting periods.

In so doing, every tonne Bairds Malt produces is made using the finest raw materials and malted with no compromise to the highest standard, to support great brands and great tasting beer and whisky into the future.

Thanks to the innovative technology and to the premium engineering, the VELP NDA Dumas N/Protein Analyzers enable Bairds Malt to:
  • Reduce the time per analysis to 3-5 minutes  
  • Get unmatched precision thanks to the LoGas™ TCD, the innovative Thermal Conductivity Detector that detects elemental Nitrogen
  • Maximize safety with state-of-the-art safety features that interrupt the analysis in case of irregularities
  • Reduce the cost per analysis thanks to genuine consumables and to the low oxygen consumption
  • Enhance productivity with the 30-positions disc autosampler expandable with extra 3 discs
  • Reduce routine operations thanks to the VELP Ermes Cloud platform connection: remote access to instruments and analysis, easy sharing of information, remote service, and application support
Want to discover all the benefits of Dumas N/Protein determination and the innovative features of the VELP NDA Series?
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