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New features on DK 20 and DK 42/26 digestion units


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The TEMS™ technology family is bigger now: DK 20 and DK 42/26 join those instruments that offer premium performance, with a particular attention to the energy saving aspect.

In fact, the two digestion units have been re-designed and aligned to the new conception of high-efficiency instruments released by VELP Scientifica, and now ensures the following benefits:
Time Saving - fast heating, up to 420 °C from 35 minutes only
Energy Saving - limited energy consumption
Money Saving - cost reduction in line with time and energy savings
Space Saving - thinner design, more compact profile

Advanced materials, durability and easiness of use and the latest technology help you get reliable digestions every time!

TEMS™ technology applied on DKL Series brings higher performance than the one on DK Series...



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