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NEW Vortex Mixers


Once again, VELP Scientifica gives you the possibility to choose among a wide range of products, in order to meet any need. We are one of the most experienced vortex mixers manufacturer and thanks to a brand new series of vortex mixers, we grant you an unexpected variety of benefits:

Something basic?
Your answer is RX3

RX3 is the simplest vortex mixer available, that runs at a single, fixed stirring speed, offering optimum chemical resistance, enhanced handling and excellent stability.

Something flexible?
Have a look of ZX3

The best-seller ZX3 offers adjustable stirring speed and two operating modes. In addition to RX3, it offers an excellent flexibility with a broad range of accessories.

Something revolutionary?
ZX4 offers patented technology

The ZX4 is an advanced vortex mixer with adjustable stirring speed and two operating modes. No pressure is applied when using ZX4 with the revolutionary IR sensor: as it detects the presence of the test tube, the instrument automatically starts vibrating!
ZX4 can be combined with several accessories and attachments.

Something impressive?
Go straight to the TX4

TX4 offers the best in terms of repeatability and high performance you can get from a vortex mixer: settable speed, two operating modes with the IR sensor technology, digital display with timer. A broad range of accessories and attachments enlarges its application range.


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