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SER 158: The new Fully Automatic Solvent Extractor


Discover the brand new SER 158, the fully automatic hot solvent extractor by VELP Scientifica. The SER 158 offers state-of-the- art technology for fast, accurate and precise analysis according to the Randall technique being 5 times faster than traditional Soxhlet.

The VELP extraction units come with the brand new ControlPad, a powerful tool able to control up to four SER 158 units independently, processing up to 24 samples for a completely new user experience. 

The SER 158 ensures high performance and true scalability. The automatic shutdown feature improves overall productivity allowing 24/7 unattended operations. Load&Go!

Our new Extractor guarantees complete safety to the operators. The new solvent dispensing system SolventXpress™ ensures no exposure to the solvent and SafeEnd™ eliminates the risk of overheating the extractable matter. 

You can choose between two models of SER 158, at 3 or 6 positions, and on a vast set of accessories.

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