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Service offering

We are committed to supporting you!

Our mission is to ensure that your VELP instrument runs at its best guaranteeing peace-of-mind and allowing you to focus on your scientific work.  

VELP focuses on customer satisfaction and we work every day to provide the fastest and valuable support to our end-users and partners. We want to deliver more than an instrument establishing long-term relationships and providing quality, knowledge, empathy together with a global reach. 

We can deliver a full range of services for both pre-sales and after-sales requirements. 

We are constantly working to provide regular training for our chemists and technicians because we believe it is the basis for fast and competent service. VELP is in fact an ISO 9001 certified company

Fast support from who knows your product best.

Fast support from who knows your product best.
Help-Desk and Remote Support
The in-depth knowledge of our instruments that comes from our continuous investment in R&D results in an unparalleled remote assistance service. Our specialists are always at your disposal to respond to your technical and analytical requests and their commitment is to do so in the shortest possible time.
We know how important every minute is during the resolution of a case. Our support teams in Italy, United States and China  will respond to your request within 24/48 hours.

We are constantly working to expand our service network to ensure that you are satisfied and will continue to be satisfied in the future. Our remote support service is at your disposal for: 
  • Technical and Analytical support
  • Identification of Consumables 
  • Correct selection of spare parts 

Comprehensive consulting for your applications

Comprehensive consulting for your applications
Outstanding application  support for every need
VELP's strong team of analytical specialists is at your disposal to provide comprehensive coverage of your application and protocols to ensure qualified analytical and application consultation. Our range of analytical services includes:
  • Advice on analytical methods and technologies
  • Implementation and optimization of your applications 
  • Methods optimization tailored to your needs
  • A program of workshops, seminars and training designed to improve your knowledge
Thanks to our qualified and authorized specialists we can always guarantee an optimal service at any time and in any place. 

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance
We design our products to guarantee you the highest quality and years of trouble-free performance.
However, should it ever become necessary to repair your instrument, we and our global network of partners will be eager to assist you. 

Our engineers and our partners' technical teams are committed to providing the necessary support in the shortest possible time. 

Thanks to our IT systems and warehouses equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we are able to deliver spare parts and consumables quickly and reduce waiting times.

Technical support services include: 
  • Remote support 
  • On-site repair 
  • In-house repairs 

Professional installation, training and commissioning

Professional installation, training and commissioning
Installation and Start-up
Professional installation and the integration of your new VELP product in the laboratory is the first step to years of excellent performance and frees you from the worries that arise when you approach a new instrument for the first time.

VELP highly trained and experienced experts not only provide you with comprehensive start-up training on instrument functions but also configure your system so that you can start working with it right away. 

For certain instruments, we will also support you on specific application requirements on request, so that you can use your instrument as effectively and efficiently as possible in the future.

Our specialists will also provide you with basic training both in the technical basics and in the routine maintenance that you will be able to carry out on your own. Regular maintenance of your systems increases their service life and helps to reduce operating costs.

Preventive maintenance ensures long life of your instrument

Preventive maintenance ensures long life of your instrument
Maintenance plans
In order to guarantee precise and accurate results in the long term, regular inspection and maintenance of analytical instruments are essential. 

We design our maintenance service in order to perfectly adapt to your needs. Together with our partners, we offer service and maintenance packages tailored to your situation. The choice of services depends on you. We will adapt our offer to your needs and budget.

Your advantages:
  • Maintaining the value of your instrument
  • Quality assurance for analysis results
  • Save time and unplanned costs
  • Maximum performance over time 
  • Security for staff

Calibration Certification

Calibration Certification
All our instruments are guaranteed by a quality control that is carried out on 100% of the devices produced. 

When you purchase a VELP instrument you can be sure that the specifications and factory standards are certified according to international procedures.

If necessary VELP can issue an additional calibration certification for some instruments on request. 
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