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Discover the new VELP Ceramic Hotplate Stirrers engineered to guarantee enhanced heating and stirring performance with superior ease-of-use, matching all laboratory requirements. 

Continuous product development and attention to customer needs

VELP is a dynamic organization that for more than 35 years has been designing and manufacturing premium laboratory equipment to fulfill multiple laboratories' needs and requirements. 

Our mission is to release new solutions and to continuously improve the existing ones, as for the new AREC Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrers and the new REC Ceramic Hot Plate, which have been re-engineered to provide improved performances and user experience.

Re-engineered heating plate for outstanding heating performance

All models of the new AREC Ceramic Hotplate Stirrers are equipped with a brand-new Heating Plate technology engineered by VELP that ensures temperature homogeneitythermal efficiency and a durable heating performance over time. 

Benefits for your laboratory:
  • Extremely homogenous temperature throughout the entire ceramic surface leading to improved reproducibility and repeatability of the tests
  • Enhanced temperature setting precision 
  • Enhanced heating rate
  • Increased lifetime of the heating element 

Safe and durable

All the models of the new AREC Series heating magnetic stirrers ensure a premium level of safety and protection for laboratory operators. The technopolymer housing and the ceramic plate ensure high resistance to acids, bases and solvents. 

The control panel is easily accessible, is positioned at a safe distance from sources of heat and is protected against possible damage caused by liquid spills thanks to a dedicated run-off groove.

A "Hot" surface safety message is displayed when the plate temperature is above 50 °C and the heating function is not active, for all digital models.

Ease-of-use for laboratory operators

The new Ceramic Hotplate Stirrers offer an innovative low-profile design for outstanding comfort over the bench and inside the laboratory hood and feature new knobs that facilitate the instrument setting. Chemical resistant knobs, display and LED indicators facilitate the instrument setting and monitoring of the working conditions.

All digital models are equipped with a bright and easy-to-read digital display with a white LED that allows lab operators to easily and constantly monitor the temperature and the stirring speed set.

Discover all the models of the new AREC Ceramic Hotplate Stirrers and the new REC Hot Plate

  • AREC Connect - The best-in-class performance and data-rich laboratory processes: Innovative, safe and accurate Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrer with embedded Wi-Fi technology to monitor and control laboratory reactions through VELP Ermes cloud platform. State-of-the-art thermoregulation and powerful stirring for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories requiring accuracy and efficiency. AREC Connect is equipped with some exclusive and extremely advanced features that optimize unattended operation: Integral timer, Autoreverse and Intermittent Mode
  • AREC.X - The optimal solution for accurate thermoregulation: The AREC.X is designed for accurate thermoregulation offering outstanding stirring and heating performance, superior safety features and ease of use. The ideal solution for laboratories requiring precise control of the medium's temperature
  • AREC - The basic solution for everyday applications: The AREC is the safe and reliable hot plate stirrer with a ceramic top guaranteeing excellent heat transfer and stirring performance for basic laboratory applications.
  • HSC - The entry-level model: The HSC is the safe and powerful analog hot plate stirrer for applications that do not require accurate temperature control of the medium. The ideal solution for general applications in academia.
  • REC - The digital ceramic hot plate: The VELP REC is the laboratory digital heating plate with a ceramic top ensuring high resistance to corrosion, and precise temperature setting.
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