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Carbon and Nitrogen Determination Made Easy with the New CN 802


The CN 802 is a versatile, cloud-enabled and fully automatic combustion analyzer for simultaneous carbon and nitrogen determination in diverse organic matrices. 

The CN 802 is the ideal solution for TCTN and C/N ratio according to official methods for laboratories, research centers and QC working in the agronomy, environmental, food&beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. 

The CN 802 requires minimum maintenance and reduce the operating costs offering high accuracy on both solid and liquid samples and working in accordance to international standards. The VELP CNSoft™ is the intuitive software designed to ensure easy operations, maximum safety and enabling VELP connectivity solutions.

Keep working in your lab while CN 802 will run your work until finished! The cloud connectivity will allow you to focus on your results without checking the instrument and being informed about events and alarms with immediate notification on PC, smartphone or tablet. 

The CN 802 is here to surprise you with best-in-class features:  

  • Flash determination of carbon and nitrogen content in 4/5 minutes 
  • Unmatched LOD: Carbon 0.01 mgC, Nitrogen 0.001 mg N (using He)
  • Seamless carrier gas selection between Helium and Argon 
  • Preinstalled methods with element selection (C, N and C/N ratio) 
  • Powerful, clear and detailed reporting software
  • Connection to VELP Ermes cloud platform 

Thanks to a complete set of genuine accessories and consumables it is possible to get always the best performances from the analyzer and to have a low cost per sample. 

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