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DLH Digital Overhead Stirrer

Digital overhead stirrer with 80 Ncm torque,  digital display and timer able to stir up to 40 L. 
3 years warranty
DLH F201A0157

Safe and Easy to use

Safe and Easy to use

DLH guides the user through a bright and easy to read display. All the main parameters, including the set speed, actual speed, torque and timer are visible at a glance. 

The instrument is also equipped with a digital timer that can be set up to 999:59 minutes with automatic switch-off.

The DLH is an intuitive overhead stirrer ensuring safety with overload, over-current and overheating protection.

Easy to install, resistant and with a small footprint, DLH is your best choice for medium-high viscosity samples.

Powerful Stirring

Powerful Stirring

VELP DLH ensures a smooth start and vigorous agitation even at maximum speed!

DLH can reach speeds of 2000 rpm and stir up to 40 litres. The device can manage medium-high viscosity, with a maximum of 50,000 mPa*s.

In addition, DLH offers a feedback system, which ensures constant speed even with varying viscosity.

The easy chuck is easy to close and can accommodate shafts with up to 10 mm diameter and does not require any tool. 

Resistant and lightweight

Resistant and lightweight

DLH is designed to offer a long lifespan even in challenging operating conditions.

The special technopolymer structure and the IP 40 guarantee good chemical resistance and special handling, being among the lightest on the market.

The robust motor guarantees continuous operations over the years, without additional maintenance costs.


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Choose the right stirring shaft for your application!

Choose the right stirring shaft for your application!
Overhead stirrers require stirring shaft for precise working. Choosing the correct stirring shaft is an important step to obtain the best stirring performance. 

It is important to evaluate the characteristics and the effects on the fluid of the stirring shaft, together with the volume and viscosity: 
  • Desired type of flow: Axial, Tangential, Radial; 
  • Speed range of your application 
Contact a VELP Specialist that will guide you to choose the correct shaft for your sample and application! 
Stirring Shaft Comparison

VELP H-Stand ensure stability and resistance for lab bench application

VELP H-Stand ensure stability and resistance for lab bench application
VELP H-Stands are the ideal solution when the overhead stirrer is working on laboratory benches. 

We have designed our H-Stand to guarantee the maximum stability thanks to the H-shape of the base and the maximum resistance choosing premium materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, properly treated in order to resist to chemicals and corrosion. 

The Telescopic H-Stand facilitates the daily operations being easy-to-use when raising and lowering the overhead stirrer from your sample.  


Construction material: technopolymer and epoxy painted aluminum alloy
Chuck range: 1 - 10 mm
Visualization of set speed: display LCD
Electronic protection rating CEI EN 60529: IP 40
Power: 190 W
Weight: 3.0 Kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 80x230x196 mm
Electronic speed regulation: 50 - 2000 rpm
Stirring volume max (H2O): 40 liters
Max viscosity: 50000 (mPa*s)*
Torque max: 80 Ncm
Allowed room temperature: 0 - 40 °C

(*) mPa.s = 1 centipoise

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Our compliance to statutory rules and regulations worldwide.
With the CE mark, VELP Scientifica declares that the products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the essential safety requirements of the European Directive on Safety.
The Certification Body (CB) Certificate is an international program created by the IECEE for the acceptance of product safety test results among participating laboratories and certification organizations around the world.
The cNEMKOus mark ensures this product is designed and manufactured in compliance with the International Directive on Safety IEC/EN 61010-1. The cNEMKOus mark has the same legal status as any other NRTL/SCC accredited marks, for U.S. and Canada.


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