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Welcome to the Smart Lab

Improve your laboratory experience with secure VELP Ermes Cloud Platform and access to your VELP instruments working conditions and data anytime and anywhere.
VELP Ermes creates a connected ecosystem of devices, people and data that transmit information between each other cutting down distances and expanding your scientific potential.
Welcome to the Smart Lab

Manage The Unexpected With Peace Of Mind!

Service and Application Support gets to the next level with VELP Ermes.

Drastically reduce your downtime by remote interactions with our specialists to quickly react and solve any unexpected situations.

Through VELP Ermes we analyze the main parameters and the data collected from the instrument, as well as perform a complete diagnosis remotely with maximum security and privacy standards.
Welcome to the Smart Lab

Always Connected...

Monitor and manage multiple instruments and consumables 24/7 from your pc, tablet or smartphone with VELP Ermes.

Real time visualization of your analysis and of your instrument working conditions.
Welcome to the Smart Lab

...Always Updated

Receive immediate event and alert notifications based on your setting within the platform and via email.

VELP Ermes guarantees peace of mind and total control of your VELP instruments thanks to the remote stop of the instrument. .
Welcome to the Smart Lab

Safely manage your Data

VELP Ermes collects and stores your data with the maximum level of encryption following the highest cyber-security standards.

You are now able to have access to your primary and secondary data anytime, anywhere.
Welcome to the Smart Lab

Easy to Use and Fast Software Updates

Effortlessly connect your VELP instrument to VELP Ermes cloud platform via secure Wi-Fi or cable.

Create your account, start surfing the platform and easily get the software updates for your instruments.
Welcome to the Smart Lab

Smart Workflows

With VELP Ermes you will reduce your daily manual tasks.

Thanks to VELP Ermes Laboratory Management and User Management be sure to share and grant access to instruments and data to specific people in your organization by customizing your users and groups permissions.
Welcome to the Smart Lab

Reports, Insight and Trends

Get access to your results, create reports and easily share them with your peers in different file formats (excel, csv, pdf, LIMS etc.).

Track Trends and get Insights on your scientific work.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are Data stored?
VELP Ermes DB in cloud with data center based in Europe. 24/7 global support and 99,9% system availability over any calendar month.

What Security Level can Ermes provide?
VELP Ermes runs in secure and certified environments only, with certified operations, advanced network security, and reliable data backup, accordingly with various security and data privacy standards (ISO 27001, SOC 1 SSAE 16, SOC 1 Type 1, SOC 1 Type 2).In addition to the security, VELP Ermes implements additional security in all communications between instruments or users and the cloud is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.

What browser do I need to use to have access to the platform?
Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, UC browser

Can I access from mobile and tablet?
Yes, VELP Ermes is a WEB App and requires only a browser.


Are Data encrypted?
Yes, all data are encrypted with the highest cyber-security certificate such as HTTPS and TSL.

What are the general lab requirements to have secure access to VELP Ermes?
To access to VELP Ermes platform with a VELP instrument is mandatory to have an internet connection on-site. Depending on the product, the requirements are the following: - NDA Series: PC with LAN or Wi-Fi connection - SER 158 Series: LAN cable - AREX-6 Connect PRO: Wi-fi 2,4 GHz open or password WPA2 or with MAC ADDRESS

Which is the minimum required Wi-Fi signal strength?
The instrument must be within the signal range of the router, Be sure, before you get an Ermes-enabled instrument that the working site is provided with a Wi-Fi network.

Do you suggest any way to improve Wi-Fi signal strength?
Yes, VELP's suggestion is to add a router on-site to enhance the signal strength.


Is possible to upgrade my VELP product and connect to Ermes platform?
For NDA series and SER 158 is possible to upgrade the instrument to connect it to VELP Ermes platform except for NDA Series products with DUMASoft version 2.2 or older.

How do I configure my instrument?
By accessing you can configure your VELP Ermes account to receive the credentials and access the platform. Once the VELP Ermes account is created is possible to connect your instrument by following a fast procedure in the Ermes platform.

How many instruments can I Connect to VELP Ermes
There is no limit to the number of instruments connection and management.

Ermes Card

How many products can I connect with 1 Ermes Card?
The card allows the connection of 10 instruments per company for 1 year or 3 years.

Does the Ermes Card have an expiration date?
Yes, the Ermes card needs to be redeemed within 2 years from the purchase date.

How can I activate the Trial?
You just need to have an Ermes-enabled instrument and follow the instrument configuration procedure.

Is it possible to read Terms and Conditions of VELP Ermes?
Yes, of course. Hereby the VELP Ermes T&C: 
Terms and Conditions 
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