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Manage your instrument operations at its best from day one

Manage your instrument operations at its best from day one
Proper knowledge of instrument usage and maintenance is a key factor in laboratory success. We know the importance of training staff and personnel to reach good lab efficiency and productivity, as well as to increase instrument uptime.

Our specialist, together with our distribution partners, will indeed provide individualized training courses for intensive learning, when and where you need:
  • In-House: at VELP headquarter
  • On-Site: at your location
  • On-line: Virtual Training 
VELP's team of specialists is at your disposal to provide comprehensive coverage of your application and protocols to ensure qualified analytical and application consulting. Our training offer includes:
  • Consulting on analytical methods and technologies
  • Implementation and optimization of your applications
  • Optimization of methods tailored to your needs
  • Routine and advanced instrument maintenance
  • Diagnosis and calibrations
  • A program of workshops, seminars and training courses designed to enhance your knowledge
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