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Our mission is to support companies in the meat, fish and poultry industries through advanced analytical solutions that produce high value information throughout the entire production cycle, from the control of incoming goods to the labelling of the finished product.

We have developed and evolved our analytical solutions in close contact with our customers to understand their challenges and provide accurate solutions: 
  • Protein determination
  • Determination of fat content (Crude and Total) 
  • Oxidative stability studies of fats and lipids
  • Fish freshness tests (TVBN)
  • Development of new products
  • Optimization of the formula 
  • Testing the impact of oxidation on ingredients
  • Process optimization
  • Study of packaging and comparison between alternative packaging

Application notes

Choose among a comprehensive library of Application Notes / White Papers and learn more on how to optimize the performance of your VELP instruments. These documents offer typical analyses of well-known samples, together with official references and suggestions, to make you an expert!
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