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NEW Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrers and Hot Plate AREC Series


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VELP Scientifica is proud to announce the renewed series of ceramic hot plate stirrers, advanced and reliable solutions ideal for several applications. Ceramic top ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and scratches, and are extremely easy to clean.

The new AREC Series represents a revolutionary step ahead for heating magnetic stirrers, as it is the first to be designed with a technopolymer structure, extremely innovative and ideal for premium resistance to acids, bases and solvents.
New models are designed to last and equipped to ensure maximum protection against leakages with elevated front panel and dedicated run-off grove.
All the digital versions show a high temperature warning “Hot Plate Warning” that remains displayed even when the instrument is turned off, until the temperature of the plate has cooled to below 50 °C.

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AREC, best-seller high performance

With a bright digital display, AREC is an extremely flexible hot plate stirrer with adjustable speed up to 1500 rpm and settable temperature up to 550 °C. Thanks to the counter-reaction, constant speed is ensured even when the viscosity changes.

AREC.X, precise liquid temperature control

AREC.X, with digital display, can be connected to VTF Vertex digital thermoregulator or to a temperature control probe in order to directly thermoregulate the liquid.

AREC.T, suitable for unsupervised operation

The digital heating magnetic stirrer AREC.T has an integrated programmable timer and with automatic switch off of the heating and stirring phase when time reaches zero.

HSC, basic analog solution

The analog HSC offers all the benefits of a ceramic top hot plate stirrer, adjustable speed up to 1300 rpm and settable temperature up to 400 °C.

REC, digital heating plate

REC offers all the benefits of a ceramic top hot plate. It is ideal for sample heating, with settable temperature up to 550 °C.

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