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NEW Consumables for NDA 701


VELP Scientifica provides a wide range of premium quality consumables internally designed to ensure optimum performance for Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer NDA 701, among the others.
All the following items are directly manufactured in our facilities for offering a great advantage compared to competitors. Instruments and consumables from a single source ensures more reliable data, higher performance during the time and a lower cost per analysis.

Consumables are products and reagents studied to optimize analytical operations; they are crucial for the performance of the instrument and to simplify the analysis.
At VELP you can find a wide range of superior quality consumables for the day-to-day operation of the NDA 701 including:

» Vcopper™ High Reduction Efficiency, 470 g (A00000240)

A patent-pending and unique solution on the market for its resistance, finely developed along with universities. Main benefits:
Long Lifespan: average life 3 times longer
Increased Comfort: the user is free form tedious work and time-consuming activities!


» Ceramic and quartz ash insert

The ashes produced by the combustion are collected in a dedicated ash insert: in addition to the “traditional” quartz ash insert, we also offer a ceramic version, with great porosity and higher resistance to elevated temperature, able to offer more accurate and reliable results.


» Pre-Packed Combustion and Reduction Reactors

In order to support the successful NDA 701, VELP Scientifica is pleased to introduce you the simplest solution available in order to ensure precise and reliable nitrogen/protein determination.
The new pre-packed reactors that just need to be positioned in the unit, for maximum convenience.

A00000158   Pre-Packed Combustion Reactor
A00000226   Pre-Packed Reduction Reactor

Improve productivity with pre-dosed and single packed reactors.
Forget about all the efforts required by the reactors preparation and make your customer's life easier!

VELP Pre-packed Reactors


» Tin foil, 150 pcs/box

With their conical shape, our tin foils are ideal for the encapsulation of any kind of samples, including solid, semi-solid and liquid ones, and also other samples that are difficult to handle (e.g. powder, sticky, etc.).
Resistant and completely nitrogen-free, they facilitate the combustion process.


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