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VELP Scientifica product portfolio is now richer, thanks to the brand new MULTISTIRRER Digital 6 & 15.

The MULTISTIRRER Digital represents the state-of-the-art synchronized stirrer with stainless steel top plate to enhance the resistance and ease of cleaning. Finely set and monitor stirring speed through the bright digital display, and enjoy the comfort of the timer (a unique feature), for unattended operation, by setting it as a traditional countdown, with automatic switch off when the time expired, or use it to reverse the stirring direction, at pre-set time intervals, according to the user needs.

The powerful motor ensures vigorous stirring of 6 or 15 positions, up to 1500 rpm, whilst the SpeedServo™ counter-reaction system ensures constant speed even when sample viscosity changes.

Also the MULTISTIRRER Digital Series has been designed to work constantly, remaining cold even after several days of continuous use.

The entire MULTISTIRRER Series, both in the digital and analog version, is in compliance with cNEMKOus specifications.


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