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Research and development

A constant commitment to knowledge development

VELP has built up a solid position in the world analytical market thanks to specific choices and targeted strategies, pursuing its mission of constant commitment to knowledge development.

Transforming our commitment to knowledge generation into a systematic capacity to develop innovative Customer Oriented solutions investing continuously in Research & Development is our mission.  
Research and development

Constantly designing and developing new products and, at the same time, renewing existing ones: this is the key to our success.

Continuing this commitment is made possible by continuous investment in R&D activities, by the continuous growth and update of our know-how and by the development of collaborations with universities, research centers, and our customers R&D departments.

A continuous process of development, from the idea to the realization

A continuous process of development, from the idea to the realization

The ever increasing preference for VELP analyzers in international markets is the greatest recognition of our constant and growing commitment to Research and Development. We have performed huge investments in the enhancement of our intellectual capital and in the development of collaborations with different stakeholders to deepen the knowledge of our markets. 

VELP has always presented innovative and reliable products on the market. We take care of the whole process from the idea to the product, the path is lived with enthusiasm and team spirit and goes through phases of careful experimentation conducted entirely in our laboratories. 

Maximum efficiency in our production processes

Maximum efficiency in our production processes

Together with R&D activities concerning our products, we have made substantial investments aimed at constantly increasing manufacturing, logistic and organizational efficiency through the introduction of the most advanced technologies.

We develop internally also technologies and machinery designed "ad hoc", unique solutions for the most different operational needs. All this translates into the high quality of our product and the higher availability performance of our products. 

Consistent with this approach, VELP has also decided to adopt state-of-the-art ERP software, fundamental tools for the global integration of the entire company logistics line.

We are convinced that our values and our commitment to research allow us to look to the future with the understanding that we can offer our customers even better solutions and services.

With this philosophy, we are enthusiastically engaged in facing the future challenges imposed by increasing competitiveness.
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