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Discover the fully automatic fiber analyzer solution for Crude and Detergent fiber determination ensuring the highest precision, compliance with official ISO and AOAC methods and the lowest operator time.                                   


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Save time and money through automation!

Crude and detergent fiber content analysis is an increasingly important parameter for feed analysis and FIWE Advance guarantees maximum accuracy and repeatability as every step of the analysis is automated and standardized and the sample is contained in the crucible from weighing to the incineration process avoiding any risk of transfer. 

The FIWE Advance requires an operator only during the preparation of the analysis and once the extraction is complete. This means that it requires only 2 minutes instead of more than 55 minutes of operator time for a semi-automatic solution! 

The FIWE Advance guarantees maximum safety because all the reagents are contained in a compartment inside the instrument. The transparent tanks, sensors, pumps and heating elements facilitate the visualization of the levels, and guarantee that the operator is no longer in contact with the reagents and the fumes they generate. 

Furthermore, FIWE Advance monitors and controls every phase of the analysis (digestion, washing and filtration) in a fully automatic way, ensuring that all the set parameters are respected. 

The 7-inch touch-screen display and the User Interface developed by VELP make this instrument extremely user-friendly and intuitive. FIWE Advance software offers numerous connectivity options for balance as well as barcode readers that facilitate the analysis process and minimize the risk of errors. 

Thanks to the connection to the VELP Ermes cloud platform, you can monitor and control FIWE Advance remotely and from any device to have total control of your analytical processes with the possibility to receive immediate notifications and software updates. 
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