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UDK 159 Video - Fully Automated Kjeldahl Analysis


The VELP Scientifica Automatic Distillation and Titration Sysytem UDK 159 is one of the most efficient fully automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit available, with integrated colorimetric titrator to ensure reliable and precise analytical determination.

It offers unique performance, thanks to the exclusive components such as patented steam generator (no pressure inside), high-precision pump (and burette), and patent pending titanium condenser that ensures limited water consumption and distillate temperature always below the threshold value.

The completely automated Kjeldahl distillation and titration system offers great preformance and the maximum in terms of safety for the user.
Automatic addition of all the reagents involved (sodium hydroxide, water, boric acid, titrant solution) with low level warning simplifies the routine activity whilst the possibility to set the steam output from 10% to 100% enlarges the application range of UDK 159. Automatically the unit will perform distillation and titration.
At the end of the analysis, all the residues can be aspirated automatically, both for distillation and titration.

The innovative colorimetric titrator (AOAC recommended) is based on precise chemical reactions between indicators, and ensures accurate and proven nitrogen/protein determination.

The UDK 159 is designed to last, with a new technopolymer structure that provides unprecedented resistance against chemicals.

VELP Scientifica is a leader in providing reliable analytical instruments, including advanced solutions for Kjeldahl digestion system.

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