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TMD 6 Mineralization System
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TMD 6 Mineralization System

Mineralization system for heavy metals trace determinations.


  • The TMD 6 is designed for the hot digestion of sludge coming from water treatment plants, soil, compost, waste-water or vegetable materials, using "aqua regia"
  • The environmental risk represented by trace metals is due to their toxicity but also to the possible bioconcentration that can reach human beings through the food chain
  • Monitoring the presence of trace metals in sludge from water-treatment plants requires a host of analytical procedures starting from the solubilization of metallic compounds

Safe & Accurate

  • Water-jacketed condensers retain all Hg, Cd, Pb, Cr, Cu, Zn, etc.
  • Operators are protected
  • Subsequent analysis is more precise

Complete System

  • Includes all glassware, rack and stand


  • Combine with the DK 6 to perform sample digestion.
  • Consider purchasing additional glass elements

Product Code

  Description Power Supply Code
TMD 6 F107C0146


10000000   10000001   10000002   A00001097      
100000006 test tube Ø 42x300 mm spherical joint
100000016 allihn condenser
100000026 absorption attachment for condenser
A00001097Stainless steel stand for sample rack