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Magnetic Stirrers

VELP Scientifica magnetic stirrers offer solutions for diversified laboratory applications and the highest safety standards available on the market, with sample volumes ranging from 250 ml to 25 liters.

  • Designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty
  • Applications in multiple markets
    Chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, microbiological and medical
    Growing microorganisms, dissolving nutrients and solids
    Preventing suspended matter from settling during titration


MST Digital Magnetic Stirrer

Small and efficient magnetic stirrer with digital display, timer, auto-reverse and SpeedServo.
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MST Magnetic Stirrer

Small and efficient magnetic stirrer.
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ESP Ultraflat Magnetic Stirrer

Ultraflat magnetic stirrer with no moving mechanical components: it is therefore maintenance-free.
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MICROSTIRRER Magnetic Stirrer

Small magnetic stirrer specially designed for microtitrations.
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ATE Magnetic Stirrer

High power magnetic stirrer suitable for medium-high volumes.
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AGE Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic stirrer with an epoxy painted metal structure that ensures a high resistance to chemical agents.
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MULTISTIRRER Digital Series Magnetic Stirrers, Multiple Positions

The state-of-the-art digital multi-position magnetic stirrer with 6 or 15 positions, that remains cold even after several days of continuous use.
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MULTISTIRRER Magnetic Stirrers, Multiple Positions

A 6- or 15-position magnetic stirrer that remains cold even after several days of continuous use.
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AMI Series Magnetic Stirrers

Single-position or 4-position illuminated magnetic stirrer, particularly useful for titrations.
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