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Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic & Life Science

Including biology, microbiology, biochemistry, capsules, pills, vaccines, cosmetic and much more.

VELP offers an extensive range of analytical instruments and solutions designed to support the analyst during all stages of the manufacturing process and control of pills, vaccines and similar correctives. Our knowledge is also expandable to a range of life science research products, including biochemistry, biology and microbiology.


BOD Analysis

BOD equipment is designed for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD analysis) in water and wastewater samples according to official organizations.

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Elemental Analyzers

VELP Scientifica elemental analyzers are the ideal solution for Carbon and Nitrogen determination according to the combustion method for testing both solid and liquid samples.

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Heating Magnetic Stirrers

VELP Scientifica offers a wide range of hot plate stirrers with single-place or multi-place heating plates, aluminum or ceramic tops and different stirring capacities and speeds.

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Heating Plates

VELP Scientifica heating plates are extremely safe, simple and affordable instruments with a long life-span.

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The VELP Scientifica homogenizer is the ideal solution for dispersing, homogenizing and mixing biological tissues (cells, animal and vegetal tissues), pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food products.

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Kjeldahl Digestion Units

The digester is a widely used instrument in laboratories performing nitrogen analysis for diversified applications in food&feed, beverage, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Kjeldahl Distillation Units

The distillation unit is used to perform nitrogen analysis and protein determination according to Kjeldahl method in food&feed industry and other applications in environmental and chemical industries after having digested the sample accurately.

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Magnetic Stirrers

VELP Scientifica magnetic stirrers offer solutions for diversified laboratory applications and the highest safety standards available on the market, with sample volumes ranging from 250 ml to 25 liters.

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Open Circulating Baths

VELP Scientifica open circulating baths are designed for those applications where accurate temperature requirements are needed including sample preparation, temperature control and thermostating material testing and much more.

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Overhead Stirrers

VELP Scientifica offers a wide portfolio of Overhead Stirrers to address your requirement in terms of Viscosity and Volumes.

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Refrigerated Thermostats and Incubators

VELP has developed a line of refrigerated thermostats and incubators in order to keep any product at a constant temperature and to incubate samples for BOD determination.

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Solvent Extractors

The Automatic SER 158 and semi-automatic SER 148 provide safe and fast solvent extraction in a wide range of samples covering a variety of applications. VELP HU6 hydrolysis system is available for total fat analysis prior to solvent extraction.

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Vertex Digital Thermoregulators

VELP Scientifica Digital Thermoregulators are equipped with Fuzzy Logic Technology for accurate temperature control. Wireless module and Data Logging system available.

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Vortex Mixers

VELP Scientifica has developed a wide range of vortex mixers suitable for mixing substances in any shape or size of test-tube thanks to the orbital movement of the rubber cup and many accessories/attachments.

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