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CN 802 Carbon/Nitrogen Analyzer
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CN 802 Carbon Nitrogen Analyzer

A versatile and cloud enabled elemental analyzer able to perform precise carbon and nitrogen analysis in 3-4 minutes. It is the ideal solution for high throughput offering complete safety to operators.

VELP Scientifica


  • Flash determination of carbon and nitrogen content
  • Determination of TC, TOC (after acidification), TIC, TN and Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
  • Automated analysis of preloaded samples (117 positions)
  • Totally unsupervised operation
  • Results produced 24/7/365


  • NDIR Detector (Non Dispersive Infrared) to detect Carbon concentration
  • LoGas™ TCD with no reference gas required, for Nitrogen content
  • Unmatched LOD: Carbon 0.01 mgC, Nitrogen 0.001 mg N (using He) or 0.01 mg N (using Ar)
  • RSD less than 0.5% with EDTA standard
  • Conforms to Good Laboratory Practice standard
  • Leak tests (zone or total) ensure optimum performance


  • Operates with Argon and Helium as carrier gas without any hardware modification
  • Preinstalled methods with element selection (C,N and C/N)
  • Controllable from PC by the powerful CNsoft™ software
  • Clear and detailed reporting software
  • Data storable in multiple formats for LIMS or PC


  • Exceptionally low cost per analysis
  • Premium quality consumables
  • Low energy consumption with Stand-by and Sleeping mode
  • Lowest operator costs

Environmentally Friendly

  • Minimum possible waste & residues
  • Optimized life of consumables
  • Incorporates TEMS™ technology*

Cloud-Enabled Instrument

  • Real time monitoring and notification via VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
  • Effortlessly connect your CN 802 to the cloud in complete safety
  • Immediate Software Updates (OTA)
  • Access to your data via PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights

    *Saving Time, Energy, Money & Space

Product Code

  Description Power Supply Code
CN 802 230 V / 50-60 Hz F30800090


A00000193   40001065   40001693   10003926      
A00000193Start-up kit (1000 analyses)
40001065Autosampler with disc 1
40001693USB cable for PC, 5m
10003926RS232 cable for balance


A00000194   A00000270   A00000271   A00000199   A00000200  
A000001941000 analyses kit
A000002702000 analyses kit
A000002714000 analyses kit
A00000199Disc 2 for autosampler
A00000200Disc 3 for autosampler
A00000201   A00000317   A00000154   A00000240   A00000157  
A00000201Disc 4 for autosampler
A00000317Super-Absorbent Powder, 10g
A00000154Quartz wool, 50 g
A00000240Vcopper™ High Reduction Efficiency, 470 g
A00000157Copper oxide, 50g
A00000320   A00000149   A00000153   A00000260   A00000262  
A00000320Velpcatalyst with inert layer, 36g
A00000149EDTA, 100 g
A00000153Tin Foil Cups 36x36mm, 150pcs
A00000260Tin foils 50x50mm, 450 pcs
A00000262Mold for tin foils 50x50mm
A00000217   A00000162   A00000321   A00000158   A00000226  
A00000217Tin foil cup closing device
A00000162Quartz reactor tube
A00000321Metallic reactor tube
A00000158Pre-Packed Combustion Reactor
A00000226Pre-Packed Reduction Reactor
A00000161   A00000198   A00000322   A00000353   A00000225  
A00000161Quartz ash insert
A00000198Ceramic ash insert
A00000322Metallic ash collector
A00000353Cleaning kit for metallic ash collector
A00000225Anhydrone, 454g
A00000235   A00000236   E00010012   E00010036   A00000370  
A00000235Rice flour, 30g
A00000236High temperature sealing grease
E00010012VELP Ermes 1 Year Connection
E00010036VELP Ermes 3 Years Connection
A00000370IQ/OQ/PQ CN Manual