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AREX-6 Advanced CerAlTop™ Hot Plate Stirrer
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AREX-6 Advanced CerAlTop™ Hot Plate Stirrer

Safe and powerful ceramic coated aluminum hot plate stirrer upgradable with VTF and VTF EVO external digital thermoregulator for direct temperature control of the sample.

Superior Safety Features

  • The illuminated heating switch on/off prevents unintentional heat up
  • The illuminated heat icon informs the operator when the top plate temperature is above 50°C
  • Resistant die-cast housing (IP 42) for maximum protections of the internal part of the instrument.
  • The fast heating CerAlTop™ plate resist to chemicals and scratches ensuring long life-span
  • The stirring speed ramps up gently avoiding spillages risks
  • The optional and tailor-made Silicon Protective Cover protects the stirrer from spillage damages
  • The AREX-6 is designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty.

Engineered for Performances & Usability

  • PID software controlled thermoregulation for fast, accurate and stable temperature control
  • Maximum temperature control up to 370°C
  • Extremely powerful brushless motor able to stir from 30 up to 1700 rpm
  • The torque compensation technology SpeedServo™ maintains the rpm constant as viscosity changes
  • The Alnico Magnet provides state-of-the-art magnetic coupling and guarantees superior peripheral stirring
  • Accepts up to 20 liter flasks

Versatility and Improved Productivity

  • Connection for VTF, VTF EVO digital thermoregulators for direct temperature control of the sample with 0,5 °C temperature accuracy
  • The VTF and VTF EVO upgrades the AREX-6 performance potential with exclusive features of digital hot plate stirrers
  • The MultiAluBlock™ and the new MonoAluBlock™ permit to perform numerous reactions saving time and bench space
  • The new Hemispheric Bowls set permits to replace oil baths and mantles in order to perform clean and safe reactions with round bottom flasks
  • PTFE Safety Covers are designed to minimize thermal dispersion and increase safety


  • Consider purchasing stirring bars


ARE/AREX-6 Series Hot Plate Series - Superior Performance & Absolute Safety
Discover the new round top hot plate stirrers designed by VELP to guarantee superior heating & mixing performance and absolute safety. All the ARE/AREX-6 models share top-class features such as the brushless motor, the new powerful magnet with leading magnetic coupling, the SpeedServo™ torque compensation and the best-in-class thermoregulation.

Product Code

  Description Power Supply Code
AREX-6 230 V / 50-60Hz F20500463
AREX-6 115 V / 60Hz F20510463
AREX-6 with VTF - System 230 V / 50-60Hz SA20500463

Included in the system:

F20500463 AREX-6 Heat. Mag. Stirrer 230 V / 50-60Hz
A00001069 Support Rod
F208B0063 VTF Thermoregulator Fuzzy Logic

AREX-6 with VTF - System 115 V / 60Hz SA20510463

Included in the system:

F20510463 AREX-6 Heating Magnetic Stirrer 115V/60Hz
A00001069 Support Rod
F208B0063 VTF Thermoregulator Fuzzy Logic

AREX-6 with VTF EVO - System 230 V / 50-60Hz SB20500463

Included in the system:

F20500463 AREX-6 Heat. Mag. Stirrer 230V/50-60Hz
A00001069 Support Rod
SA208B0064 VTF EVO System with Wireless DataBox & TEMPSoft™

AREX-6 with VTF EVO - System 115 V / 60Hz SB20510463

Included in the system:

F20510463 AREX-6 Heat. Mag. Stirrer 115 V / 60Hz
A00001069 Support Rod
SA208B0064 VTF EVO System with Wireless DataBox & TEMPSoft™


A00001062   A00001063   A00001057   A00001056   A00000356  
A00001062Magnetic stir bar, Ø3x6mm
A00001063Magnetic stir bar, Ø4,5x12mm
A00001057Magnetic stir bar, Ø6x20mm
A00001056Magnetic stir bar, Ø6x35mm
A00000356Magnetic stir bar, Ø8x40 mm
A00001061   A00000336   A00000352   A00000354   A00000355  
A00001061Magnetic stir bar, Ø10x60mm
A00000336Magnetic cross shape stir bar, Ø10x5mm
A00000352Magnetic cross shape stir bar, Ø20x8mm
A00000354Magnetic Disc Stir Bar, Ø10x6 mm
A00000355Magnetic Disc Stir Bar, Ø20x10 mm
A00000357   A00000335   F208B0063   F208B0064   A00001069  
A00000357Magnetic Octagonal Stir Bar, Ø10x13 mm
A00000335Protective Cover
F208B0063VTF Digital thermoregulator
F208B0064VTF EVO Wireless Digital Thermoregulator
A00001069Support Rod
A00000373   A00000330   A00000331   A00000332   A00000333  
A00000373Hemispheric bowl 25ml flasks
A00000330Hemispheric Bowl for 50ml flask
A00000331Hemispheric Bowl for 100ml flask
A00000332Hemispheric Bowl for 250ml flask
A00000333Hemispheric Bowl for 500ml flask
A00000334   A00000374   A00000375   A00000373   A00000342  
A00000334Hemispheric Bowl for 1000ml flask
A00000374Hemispheric bowl 3L flasks
A00000375Hemispheric bowl 5L flasks
A00000373Hemispheric bowl 25ml flasks
A00000342PTFE Safety cover for bowl 50 ml
A00000343   A00000344   A00000345   A00000346   A00000351  
A00000343PTFE Safety cover for bowl 100 ml
A00000344PTFE Safety cover for bowl 250 ml
A00000345PTFE Safety cover for bowl 500 ml
A00000346PTFE Safety cover for bowl 1000 ml
A00000351Handle for AluBlock™ removal
A00000323   A00000337   A00000329   A00000328   A00000326  
A00000323MultiAluBlock™ Base Ø135 mm
A00000337MultiAlublock™, 11 pos. Ø12 x h 14 mm
A00000329MultiAluBlock™, 11 pos. Ø15 x h 20mm
A00000328MultiAluBlock™, 8 pos. Ø17 x h 26mm
A00000326MultiAluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 24mm
A00000325   A00000327   A00000324   A00000341   A00000338  
A00000325MultiAluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 30mm
A00000327MultiAluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø21 x h 31 mm
A00000324MultiAluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 43mm
A00000341MonoAluBlock™, 40 pos. Ø12 x h 14 mm
A00000338MonoAluBlock™, 17 pos. Ø28 x h 24 mm
A00000339   A00000340   A00000382          
A00000339MonoAluBlock™, 17 pos. Ø28 x h 30 mm
A00000340MonoAluBlock™, 17 pos. Ø28 x h 43 mm
A00000382Extension for support rod ARE - AREX