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ARE Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer
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ARE Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer

Hot plate stirrer widely used in research and development, industrial and university laboratories worldwide.

Excellent Performance

  • Uniform heat distribution with coated aluminum alloy heating plate
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Maximum temperature 370 °C
  • Accepts up to 15 liter flasks
  • Electronic speed regulation up to 1500 rpm
  • Excellent speed control, even at low speeds
  • SpeedServo™ ensures constant speed even when the viscosity changes
  • High power PCM-type driving magnet

Safety Above All

  • IP 42 protected from liquid spills with run-off groove
  • Clear communication: front panel shows °C and rpm
  • LED interface enriched for alarms
  • Designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty

Ergonomic Design

  • Inclined control panel for easy access and visibility
  • AluBlocks™ maximize temperature control & save handling time
  • Run different tubes by combining AluBlocks™


  • Consider purchasing stirring bars and supports for round-bottomed flasks
  • Choose AluBlocks™ to optimize sample heating and throughput
  • Compare with other VELP round top heated stirrers in this comparison table

Product Code

  Description Power Supply Code
ARE 230 V / 50-60 Hz F20500162
ARE 115 V / 60 Hz F20510162


A00001056   A00001061   A00000284   A00001062   A00001063  
A00001056Magnetic stir bar, 6x35 mm
A00001061Magnetic stir bar, 9,5x60 mm
A00000284Protective cover ARE/AREX series
A00001062Magnetic stir bar, 3x6 mm
A00001063Magnetic stir bar, 4,5x12 mm
A00000336   A00000352   A00000356   A00000354   A00000273  
A00000336Magnetic cross shape stir bar, Ø10x5mm
A00000352Magnetic cross shape stir bar, Ø20x8mm
A00000356Magnetic stir bar, Ø8x40 mm
A00000354Magnetic Disc Stir Bar, Ø10x6 mm
A00000273Hemispheric bowl for 50 ml flasks
A00000258   A00001071   A00001072   A00001073   A00001069  
A00000258Hemispheric bowl for 100 ml flasks
A00001071Hemispheric bowl for 250 ml flasks
A00001072Hemispheric bowl for 500 ml flasks
A00001073Hemispheric bowl for 1000 ml flasks
A00001069Support rod
A00000228   A00000229   A00000230   A00000231   A00000232  
A00000228AluBlock™ Base
A00000229Orange AluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 43mm
A00000230Green AluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 30mm
A00000231Black AluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø28 x h 24mm
A00000232Red AluBlock™, 4 pos. Ø21,6 x h 31,7 mm
A00000233   A00000234   A00000382          
A00000233Blue AluBlock™, 8 pos. Ø17,8 x h 26mm
A00000234Gold AluBlock™, 11 pos. Ø15,2 x h 20mm
A00000382Extension for support rod ARE - AREX