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ES Overhead Stirrer
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ES Overhead Stirrer

Overhead stirrer for low viscosity liquids.

Excellent Performance

  • Electronic speed regulation up to 1300 rpm
  • Can stir up to 15 liters of water
  • Maximum torque of 15 Ncm
  • Will stir liquids up to 1000 mPa*s viscosity
  • Soft start to prevent splashes and the creation of bubbles

Rugged Design

  • Technopolymer structure prevents any possible rust
  • Optimum chemical resistance and enhanced handling
  • Long life, robust motor

Safety Incorporated

  • Automatically stops if blocked – no burn-out or damage
  • Overload, overcurrent and overtemperature protection
  • Sealed to IP 40 standard
  • Designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty

Convenient Operation

  • Hand-tightened chuck; no tools required
  • Universal voltage / frequency model


Product Code

  Description Power Supply Code
ES 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz F201A0152


A00001300   A00001301   A00001302   A00001304   A00001305  
A00001300Support rod and base
A00001301Double clamp
A00001302Ribbon clamp (A00001301 required)
A00001304Stirring shaft with floating blades, stainless steel
A00001305Stirring shaft with folding blade, stainless steel
A00001306   A00001307   A00001308   A00001309   A00001310  
A00001306Stirring shaft with fixed blade, stainless steel
A00001307Stirring shaft with propeller, stainless steel
A00001308Stirring shaft with paddle, 6 holes, stainless steel
A00001309Stirring shaft with turbine, stainless steel
A00001310Stirring shaft with turbo propeller, stainless steel
A00001311   A00000045              
A00001311Stirring shaft with anchor, stainless steel
A00000045H-stand with strap clamp, bosshead clamp