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DBO y analizadores respirométricos

VELP designs and manufactures advanced solutions for respirometric studies. We strive to provide precise and reliable solutions for laboratories working in water and wastewater quality control, biological waste treatment plants, renewable energy production and all environmental laboratories dedicated to the study of the effects that plastics and other pollutants have on water and soil.

The BOD Sensor system is designed for laboratories working with BOD application only and comes in different configurations for every lab requirement. 

VELP RESPIROMETRIC Sensor is able to perform any kind of respirometric studies thanks to its powerful pressure sensor suitable for both aerobic and anaerobic analysis.

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand – BOD  
  • Assessment of the effects of disinfection on BOD determination
  • Biodegradation of Monomers
  • Biodegradability of plastic materials in an aqueous medium.
  • Soil respiration

  • Biochemical Methane Potential – BMP
  • Denitrification analysis


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