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Elemental analyzers



Discover how to leverage the Dumas Method for a safe and efficient determination of Nitrogen and Protein in food samples quickly, reliably and accurately. Join our Special Guest Dr. Ugo Bersellini who will share his long experience and results.
Stringent standards on the composition of food are being applied in ever-widening markets. Accurate analysis of the Nitrogen components is essential to any food company wishing to market its products, particularly on an international basis.

Furthermore, laboratories working for the Food & Beverage industry face the challenge of analyzing samples quickly, reliably, and precisely due to different factors such as the seasonality of raw materials.

Watch the VELP Academy Webinar "How to optimize Dumas analyses for different food samples: N/Protein elemental analysis" with our Guest Speaker Dr. Ugo Bersellini, former Laboratory Manager for a World-leading Italian Food Company, as he presents his experience in the analysis of different types of food products with related ingredients and raw materials.  

Key learning objectives

  • Dumas method analytical overview
  • Studies on different food samples
  • Analytical best practices and samples treatment
  • Live demo from the VELP Lab: features and benefits of VELP NDA Series Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer

Our Guest speaker

Our Guest speaker
Dr. Ugo Bersellini worked for over a decade in the fine chemicals sector, particularly in organic synthesis with organometallic catalysts and in the synthesis of polymer stabilizing additives.

Later he moved on to the food sector, where he was Head of the Chemical and Chemical-Physical Laboratory for a World-leading Food Company, working to support the R&D unit department in shelf-life studies and characterizing new products development, and coordinating the development of new instrumental analytical methods.

He has been active in the fields of spectroscopy, colorimetry, image analysis, rheology, liquid and gas chromatography, oxidative stability, Maillard compounds, olfactory and MW sensors.

Along his career, he also provided constant support in facing manufacturing problems and challenges.
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