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OHS 100 Advance Overhead Stirrer
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OHS 100 Advance

Cloud enabled overhead stirrer with 100 Ncm constant torque, timer, vibration sensor, 3,5” TFT display and Pt 100 probe included. Maximum reproducibility and safety for demanding operations.

VELP Scientifica

Safe Operations

  • Extremely resistant sealed case
  • IP 54 Protection class is a guarantee of durability also when working in aggressive environment
  • Full protection in case of overload, overtemperature and over current
  • Lock key to prevent unintentional modification of the settings
  • Easy Knob to navigate the menu and to activate the stirring
  • OHS 100 Advance is designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty


  • 3.5” TFT display encompassing a great set of information always at a glance
  • Brushless motor ensures stable torque of 100 Ncm through the whole speed range
  • Electronic speed control from 30 to 1300 rpm
  • Maximum volume of 100 liters
  • Maximum viscosity of 70.000 mPa
  • SpeedServoTM torque compensation technology
  • Silent motor even at the maximum speed

State-of-the-Art Features

  • Set your preferred methods choosing form several options
  • The new SmartChuckTM makes easy and convenient the shaft changing without any tool
  • Vibration Sensor with different levels of sensitivity automatically stopping operations
  • Integrated timer for unattended operation with automatic switch off
  • Precise Torque measurement on display for real-time information on viscosity change with a resolution of 1 Ncm
  • Temperature measurement with Pt100 temperature probe
  • USB interface for installing Software updates

Cloud-Enabled Instrument

  • Effortlessly connect to the cloud your OHS Advance via WiFi in complete safety
  • Real time monitoring and notification via VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
  • Immediate Software Updates (OTA)
  • Access to your data via PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights


  • Consider purchasing stirring shafts to match your product & procedure
  • Confirm your choice of overhead stirrer by checking the comparison table


OHS VELP OHS Series Overhead Stirrers
VELP OHS Overhead Stirrers guarantee state-of-the-art stirring power maintaining the maximum torque at any speed and are designed to offer you a solution fitting your application including continuous work in challenging environments. Discover all the premium features such as Brushless motor, Constant Torque, SmartChuck™, IP54 protection. Watch now the video!

Código producto

  Descripción Voltaje Código
OHS 100 Advance 230V/50-60Hz F20100481
OHS 100 Advance 115V/60Hz F20110481


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A00000366Universal H-Stand
A00000369Telescopic H-Stand
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A00001302Ribbon clamp
A00001304Stirring shaft with floating blade
A00001305Stirring shaft with folding blade
A00001306Stirring shaft with fixed blade
A00001307Stirring shaft with propeller
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A00001308Stirring shaft with paddle, 6 holes
A00001309Stirring shaft with turbine
A00001310Stirring shaft with turbo propeller
A00001311Stirring shaft with anchor
A00000380IQ/OQ OHS Manual
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E00010012VELP Ermes 1 year Connection
E00010036VELP Ermes 3 years Connection
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