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Learn about overhead stirring and operation in contamination-sensitive environments and cleanrooms. Discover how the VELP OHS Advance series improves your workflow elevating laboratories to the cloud.
Working with Overhead Stirrers is a standard practice in Pharmaceutical and Biotech laboratories. Typical applications are bioreactors and buffer preparation for vaccine manufacturing, Quality Control and R&D. 

In Pharma, biotech, and life science is common to work in safe environments free from microorganisms and other potential contaminants. The greatest contamination threat comes from users of cleanrooms.

How to overcome this challenge and streamline processes?

The perfect overhead stirrers for contamination-sensitive environments and cleanrooms

The perfect overhead stirrers for contamination-sensitive environments and cleanrooms
When working in cleanrooms and aseptic-contained areas, having the possibility to interact with your instrument without going through all the time-consuming hygiene and safety requirements becomes not only a resource-saving practice but has an impact on the air quality of your cleanrooms.

A usual scenario is the one where your bioreactor is located in a contained cleanroom and you develop your work outside. You need to control and check your reaction and the overhead stirrer speed and temperature. This means you need to start your preparation to access your reactor: change clothes, shoes…

What about not needing to get inside?

VELP, after understanding this challenge and the time and resources spent changing environments, has developed VELP Ermes enabled overhead stirrer range, the OHS Advance.

The OHS Advance Series is equipped with a 3.5” TFT display allowing real-time graphical monitoring of speed, torque, and temperature (pt100 probe included). It allows easy programming of your method with up to 5 speed/time steps (including delay and repeat function) thanks to the user-friendly interface.

High humidity or lightly dusty environments are not an issue to the VELP OHS Series and its IP54 protection rate.

Maximized efficiency with the powerful connection to VELP Ermes Cloud Platform

The OHS Advance connects to the VELP Ermes cloud platform via Wi-Fi, allowing you not only to monitor its parameters (speed, torque, and temperature) but also to control and set the working conditions in your reactor from your very hands. VELP Ermes can be accessed via browser by PC, tablet, and smartphone from wherever you are also from outside your cleanroom.

Start, stop, set speed, and choose a program of all your OHS Overhead stirrers connected with a single click on the same window.

From 1 to 100 liters, from water-like to high viscosities (e.g. toothpaste) VELP OHS is up to the test! Depending on your requirements, VELP has the right stirring shafts designed to be autoclaved and avoid cross-contamination.

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