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A Completely Renewed Line of Cooled Incubators for VELP


The new VELP cooled incubators have been designed to keep any product at a constant temperature, for a wide range of incubation and test application where an accurate and precise temperature control is required. With 5 brand new models, we now offer the most advanced performance in terms of energy efficiency, temperature performance and technology.

All the models are equipped with a cooling system in A+ class, to better preserve both the environment and what is kept inside.
The controlled heating and cooling thermoregulation system enables you to choose a settable operating temperature between +3 and +50 °C, with enhanced space capacity.
The Auto-Tuning system ensures the constant control of the internal temperature, which continuously compares the detected and set values and aligns them with a precise and rapid alignment system.

In terms of technology, the new cooled incubators offers the intuitive but powerful TEMPSoft™ Software, via wireless connection, for a complete control of the unit (set point, minimum and maximum temperature alarm thresholds), real-time temperature trend through a graph and many other functions.

Choose the most suitable model for you requirements…
Have a look to the comparison chart to see all the specs of the different models.

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