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NEW Dual Carrier Gas Dumas N/Protein Analyzer NDA 702


A New Unmatched LOD and Accuracy Hit the Industry!


With the new NDA 702 Dual Carrier Gas Dumas N/Protein Analyzer, VELP Scientifica takes a further step in enhancing accuracy and end user flexibility in Protein Analysis.

Helium has been the carrier gas for elemental analysis for many years, whilst industry was demanding an alternative carrier gas to address application needs, availability and cost effectiveness. The VELP NDA 702 fulfills the industry’s needs by offering the optimum alternative carrier gas, Argon, which can be utilized seamlessly alongside Helium.
Switching from Helium to Argon or vice-versa with the VELP NDA 702 is truly quick, easy and safe: simply choose the gas, close one tap and open the other. No need to replace parts or upgrade software.

With the VELP NDA 702 absolute flexibility becomes the standard.

No need to decide in advance which carrier gas to use and exciting new features including the completely re-designed DUMASoft™ offering multi-lingual support , results at a glance without the need to create a report, or to name calibration curves. All of this together with the exclusive VELP TEMS™ technology for conspicuous savings in terms of Time, Energy, Money and Space and an unmatched new level of LOD and accuracy that states an industry record.  

A new milestone in VELP’s commitment to innovation is available to our partners.


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