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Preparación de muestras

Before performing any analysis, samples must be properly treated and prepared.

This preliminary step is the most important of the overall process as it helps to improve accuracy. Then, the chemical analysis must be considered a multi-stage process, where the measurement is just one of the last steps of the entire process.

Whether your sample is liquid, solid, or semi-solid; coming from the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, or environmental sector, VELP has the right equipment for your sample preparation needs.

Stirring, dissolving, and mixing in food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical samples.
VELP provides a wide range of analog or digital Overhead Stirrers, with state-of-the-art stirring power for any requirements in terms of sample viscosity and volume, designed to work even in challenging environments.

A heating magnetic stirrer primarily uses boiling, stirring, and mixing. It is equally suitable for solid or liquid samples to obtain a consistent mixture.
VELP provides a full range of heating magnetic stirrers to fulfill any requirement, from basic applications to cloud-controlled thermoregulation.

Vortex Mixers are useful for mixing substances in test tubes and flasks
VELP provides different kinds of Vortex Mixers for mixing substances in any shape or size test tube, featuring manual or continuous mode, with the patented and revolutionary IR sensor which ensures outstanding efficiency, exclusive comfort, and a drastic reduction in repetitive strain.

Homogenizing, emulsifying, and suspending biological tissues (cells, animals, and vegetables), pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and food products, by breaking the components and evenly distributing them throughout the solution. 
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