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The new HU 6 hydrolysis unit combines reliability, safety and efficiency for the sample preparation step prior to fat extraction for total fat determinations. 

Continuous product development

VELP is a dynamic organization that for more than 35 years designs and manufactures analytical instruments to guarantee laboratories accurate and precise analytical measurements. 

Our mission is to release new solutions and to continuously improve the existing ones like in the case of the HU 6 that has been re-engineered to continue to provide laboratories an efficient and reliable solution for the hydrolysis step prior to solvent extraction. 

Sample preparation for Total Fat Determination

For the majority of food and feed products, the fats are chemically bonded with other components. For determination of the total fat of these samples, preliminary hydrolysis followed by filtration and washing is essential in order to free the fat molecules ready for extraction.

The analysis with HU 6 complies with official regulations for the declaration of the total fat content of food and feed samples such as meat, cheese, seafood, chocolate, cereal flours, etc.

The HU 6 works in perfect combination with the SER 158 automatic solvent extractor and the SER 148 semi-automatic solvent extractor. The crucible containing the hydrolyzed sample perfectly fits inside VELP Extractors thanks to the crucible holder accessories. 

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance
The HU 6 performs hydrolysis under reproducible and totally safe conditions, handling 3 or 6 samples simultaneously to maximize productivity.
  • The new aluminum heating block ensures fast and precise heating with 0.5°C temperature stability and homogeneity;
  • Faster and enhanced filtration thanks to the vacuum source and the new valves that selectively interrupt the vacuum in each position, speed up the process saving the operator an average 15 minutes time;
  • Intuitive digital interface: the bright digital display provides maximum visibility and legible information;
  • The new aluminum heating block grid protection increases performance and reduces heating times while protecting the block from spillage. 

TEMS™ Technology

TEMS™ Technology
The new Hydrolysis Unit HU6 uses VELP TEMSTM Technology, which provides significant savings:

Time: rapid heating
Energy: limited energy consumption
Money: cost reduction for each analysis
Space: reduce unnecessary use of space


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