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VELP NDA 701 - New Opportunities


VELP Scientifica is constantly offering more and more convenient solutions to simplify our customer's life and meet user's requirements.

» NEW Pre-Packed Combustion and Reduction Reactors

In order to support the successful NDA 701, VELP Scientifica is pleased to introduce you the simplest solution available in order to ensure precise and reliable nitrogen/protein determination.
The new pre-packed reactors that just need to be positioned in the unit, for maximum convenience.

A00000158   Pre-Packed Combustion Reactor
A00000226   Pre-Packed Reduction Reactor

Improve productivity with pre-dosed and single packed reactors.
Forget about all the efforts required by the reactors preparation and make your customer's life easier!

VELP Pre-packed Reactors


» Premium Quality Consumables for Nitrogen Analyzer

VELP Scientifica offers a great advantage as instruments and consumables come from a single source to optimize the performance of your analyzer.

Tin foils, catalysts, copper and standards are just some of the consumables supplied by VELP, able to ensure excellent performance at a particularly attractive price.
Just to name a few:

VELP tin foils can stand any kind of sample (liquid, solid and semi-solid) and are carefully manufactured by us with high purity materials in order to prevent sample contamination;

VELP combustion reagents are designed to ensure complete and total oxidation with any kind of samples;

VELP top quality reduction reagents are ideal for complete reduction and to remove surplus oxygen, ensuring reliable and repeatable tests;

VELP Scientifica also offers a consumables kit that contains all parts and reagents necessary for approximately 1000* analyses.
* 1000 is an estimated value. Effective life depends on the quantity and the kind of sample.


» NEW NDA 701 IQ/OQ/PQ Manual

Find precious information and instructions on how to operate and verify the performance of the VELP Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer, after the installation, with the new IQ/OQ/PQ Manual.

A00000192   NDA 701 IQ/OQ/PQ Manual

With the IQ (Installation Qualification) protocol, you will be informed with all the instructions for a correct installation of the analyzer; the OQ (Operational Qualification) is aimed to operating procedures and post-installation tasks, whilst the PQ (Performance Qualification) ensures that the instrument performance meets the manufacturer's declarations and what is required by the user.

Many other VELP Scientifica instruments are supported by IQ/OQ and IQ/OQ/PQ manuals.


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