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Discover the full range of VELP OHS Overhead Stirrers and the complete set of accessories: smarter, safer, stronger.

VELP firmly believes in the continuous development of solutions that can make the laboratory world easier, safer, more efficient and hi-tech. Thus, we are happy to present our VELP OHS Series Overhead Stirrers under a new light focusing on applications and safety in the lab thanks to the full set of accessories.

Constantly challenging everything that came before, the OHS Overhead Stirrers are designed to offer state-of-the-art stirring power for your applications and to resist continuous work in challenging environments.

The OHS Overhead Stirrers are provided with powerful brushless motors that ensure a long life span and outstanding reliability. Furthermore, VELP technology guarantees that OHS Advance and Digital keep constant torque along the whole speed range.

The best Overhead Stirrers for a wide range of applications in many different industries

VELP OHS Overhead Stirrers are perfect for a wide range of applications performed in several industries such as biotech, chemical, pharma, academia, industrial, food & beverage, cosmetic: 
  • Mixing and stirring substances in the laboratory
  • Dissolving solids in solvents
  • Stirring viscous solutions
  • Pilot-scale in manufacturing

Which OHS Overhead Stirrers model would suit your lab best?

Which OHS Overhead Stirrers model would suit your lab best?
Viscosity is the main parameter to consider when evaluating different overhead stirrers. 

Viscosity is a measure of the fluid’s resistance to flow or change in shape due to internal friction between the molecules and it is expressed in centipoise, mPa*s. As a matter of fact, viscosity is important in relation to how much effort we have to make to stir the medium, leading to understanding the torque that is required.

Torque is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis. Just as a force is a push or a pull, a torque can be thought of as a twist to an object. Torque is expressed in Ncm, Newton centimeter (N·cm). The more viscous the sample to be stirred, the more torque is required.

Further important aspects to consider when choosing the most suitable Overhead Stirrer based on your application needs:
  • Changes in the viscosity of the sample as a result of the addition of solvent
  • Changes in the volume of the sample
  • Medium's temperature monitoring and control
  • Additives during the stirring that may provoke changes of any kind
  • Real-time remote monitoring, especially in relation to controlled or contamination sensitive environments
Discover the VELP OHS Overhead Stirrers Brochure

The best-in-class Overhead Stirrers and a complete set of accessories: safety first with the new Chuck Guard

The best-in-class Overhead Stirrers and a complete set of accessories: safety first with the new Chuck Guard
VELP OHS Overhead Stirrers comprise different models to accommodate any application and laboratory requirements.

VELP OHS Advance - Cloud-enabled overhead stirrers with 3.5" TFT display, method setting, precise torque measurement, temperature monitoring, vibration sensor, timer, Wi-Fi connection to address the most demanding applications.

VELP OHS Digital - These models feature digital display, SmartChuck™ allowing to change the shaft even with one hand only, integrated timer, SpeedServo™ counter-reaction and a dedicated torque monitoring display to get real-time information about viscosity change.

Different models of Overhead Stirrers and a complete set of accessories joined by the new Chuck Guard starting from today. The new Chuck Guard protects operators from contact with the upper part of the chuck and from the entanglement with the stirring elements.

Built with top-quality material ensuring resistance to high impact and excellent visibility, the new Chuck Guard completes the rich set of OHS Overhead Stirrers accessories.

Precision and durability with the Pt100 XL Probe

Precision and durability with the Pt100 XL Probe
The OHS Advance allows temperature monitoring to prevent and manage exothermic reactions by modulating the stirring speed in relation to temperature variations. The OHS Advance is supplied with a Pt100 probe, but now the Pt100 XL probe is also available. 

The Pt100 XL allows accurate temperature measurement for high volumes and when immersed in corrosive solutions. With a length of 50cm, a 2.5m cable and a diameter of 6mm, it can be used in larger vessels than those commonly used in the laboratory and the PFA coating ensures it is shielded in highly corrosive sample situations.

In addition, the new Pt100 XL probe provides automatic temperature compensation.

The right stirring shaft for your application

The right stirring shaft for your application
Overhead stirrers require stirring shaft for precise working. Choosing the correct stirring shaft is an important step to obtain the best stirring performance. 

It is important to evaluate the characteristics and the effects on the fluid of the stirring shaft, together with the volume and viscosity: 
  • Desired type of flow: Axial, Tangential, Radial; 
  • Speed range of your application 
Contact a VELP Specialist that will guide you to choose the correct shaft for your sample and application! 
Stirring Shaft Comparison

VELP H-Stand ensure stability and resistance for lab bench OHS application

VELP H-Stand ensure stability and resistance for lab bench OHS application
VELP H-Stands are the ideal solution when the overhead stirrer is working on laboratory benches. 

We have designed our H-Stand to guarantee the maximum stability thanks to the H-shape of the base and the maximum resistance choosing premium materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, properly treated in order to resist to chemicals and corrosion. 

The Telescopic H-Stand facilitates the daily operations being easy-to-use when raising and lowering the overhead stirrer from your sample. 
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