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Nitrogen Determination in Soils

N/Protein Determination in Soils according to the Dumas method (He/Ar as Carrier)

The nitrogen in plants is a part of numerous compounds, including proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, chlorophyll and vitamins essential for all biological functions.
It is taken from the soil or from the air, and it can be used only through a specified and complex chemical process called nitrogen cycle.

The performance of the VELP NDA 702 was evaluated by participating in the Proficiency Testing program organized by WEPAL (Wageningen Evaluating Programs for Analytical Laboratories). Samples of soil were analyzed using the NDA 702 and the results obtained (as % Nitrogen) were compared with the statistical range accepted by WEPAL.

Nitrogen Determination in Soils

The Dumas method starts with a combustion furnace (CF) to burn the sample, obtaining elemental compounds. Water is removed by a first physical trap (WT1 - DriStep™), placed after the combustion, and a second chemical one (WT2). Between the two, the elemental substances passed through a reduction furnace (RF).

The auto-regenerative CO2 absorbers (CO2) let pass only the elemental nitrogen that is detected by the LoGas™ innovative Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) with no requirement for a reference gas. The NDA 702 is controlled through the intuitive DUMASoft™.

Results are extremely reliable and reproducible, as demonstrated by the RSD, by using helium or argon as carrier gas, with the same conditions (method and sample weight) since the goal is to obtain < 2.0% relative standard deviation, as requested by official methods. The obtained values fell within the expected nitrogen range of each standard material certified by WEPAL, demonstrating the high performance of NDA702.

Helium remains the best choice for premium accuracy but its shortages and interruptions are affecting any related product or instrument, including elemental analyzers. Argon, the best alternative available, proved to be a valid substitute, ensuring optimal results. VELP Scientifica NDA 702 Dual Carrier Gas Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer is the perfect response for simple, fast and precise nitrogen/protein determination, both with Helium and Argon as carrier gas.
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