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Elemental Analyzer

Elemental Analyzers are used to determine the elemental composition of a sample. Elemental Analysis finds application in many industrial fields for the determination of Nitrogen, Proteins, Carbon and Carbon Nitrogen Ratio. 
With Velp elemental analyzers the determination of N and C it is easy, precise and accurate.  Velp proposes a cutting-edge range of Elemental Analyzers working according to Combustion Method International Standards.

Our team has developed: Velp elemental analyzers provide tailor-made solutions for labs both in industry and academy. 
Our dedicated Application and Service Teams can support your laboratory providing fast and high-quality support in US for: 
  • Installation and start-up
  • Method development and optimization
  • Remote service and analytical support 
  • Consumable and parts 
An elemental analyzer is a scientific instrument which can determine the elemental composition of a sample.
Thanks to an elemental analyzer a sample of some material (soil, waste or drinking water, bodily fluids, minerals, chemical compounds) is analyzed for its elemental composition.
An elemental analyzer can determine what elements are present (qualitative analysis), or how much of each element is present in a sample (in this case elemental analyzers are used for quantitative  analysis).
Elemental analyzer can use the principle of Dumas method [+link a categoria Elemental Analyzer], also known as combustion method, that is a primary method of determination of Nitrogen and Protein ensuring fast results, ease-of-use and safety.

Elemental analyzers are used both in industrial and academic laboratories.

Velp elemental analyzers are designed for elemental analysis of nitrogen, protein and carbon. This is our list of elemental analyzers:
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