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UDK 159 Analyseur automatique Kjeldahl

Fully automatic distillation and titration for Kjeldahl protein determination, Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN), volatiles and more. Meeting the most demanding requirements in terms of precision, accuracy, and safety.
UDK 159 F30200155

Safety, efficiency and precision for high-throughput laboratories

Safety, efficiency and precision for high-throughput laboratories

The UDK 159 is designed for high-throughput laboratories looking for precise and reproducible results of Kjeldahl nitrogen TKN, proteins, ammoniacal nitrogen, nitric nitrogen (Devarda), TVBN, sulfites, phenols, volatile acids, cyanides, and alcohol content. 
  • The fully automatic process ensures efficient operations, distillation and titration performed simultaneously  
  • Shortest time-to-results with online titration and automatic results calculation 
  • Premium result accuracy and precision thanks to the integrated colorimetric titrator with high precision burette
  • Programmable boric acid, water, sodium hydroxide addition
  • Selectable steam generation output level 10% – 100%
  • Auto removal of residues from titrator & sample tube
  • Clear and intuitive operations thanks to the Smart User Interface and digital display
  • Maximum safety for the operator 
  • Unmatched flexibility with a wide accessory range 

Premium accuracy and precision

Premium accuracy and precision

The automatic Kjeldahl analyzer UDK 159 colorimetric titrator guarantees accuracy, precision, and a long lifetime. 

With a limit of detection (LOD) of 0.015 mgN and a limit of quantification (LOQ) of 0.04 mgN, UDK 159 is perfect even for challenging analyses with samples containing a low amount of Nitrogen.

The system relies on a colorimetric measurement of a chemical reaction with automatic endpoint detection. 

VELP colorimetric titrator benefits:

  • Completely automatic procedure 
  • Calibration-free
  • Maintenance-free

The UDK 159 allows to constantly monitor the titration with the real-time graph displayed on the instruments.

Unrivalled technologies to support your laboratory - Titanium Condenser and Technopolymer Splash Head

Unrivalled technologies to support your laboratory - Titanium Condenser and Technopolymer Splash Head

The UDK 159 features the unique VELP patented titanium condenser designed for efficient thermal exchange and low water consumption. 

The distillate temperature is always kept below the Kjeldahl threshold value (35 °C), as indicated in the Kjeldahl method, without nitrogen loss.
  • Reduced water consumption
  • High resistance material with prolonged lifespan 
  • Reduced break risks during routine cleaning 
The exclusive VELP Technopolymer Splash Head incorporated in the UDK 159 is designed for high throughput providing state-of-the-art durability and resistance.
  • Chemical resistant materials 
  • Unmatched lifespan of up to 10,000 analyses 
  • Maintenance-free and no risk of breaking 

Reliability and safety for your lab

Reliability and safety for your lab

The UDK 159 is provided with the most complete set of safety features to ensure maximum operator safety. Sensors monitor tube in place, safety doors, reagent levels, cooling water flow-rate and more. 

The VELP Patented Steam Generator guarantees safe working conditions working without pressure:

  • Rapid pre-heating time
  • High performance and resistance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Works with deionized water

Intuitive software ensuring ease-of-use and data management at its best

Intuitive software ensuring ease-of-use and data management at its best

The bright 7" color touch screen and easy-to-use software guide the operator step-by-step. 

  • Users' management with 3 levels of authorizations and permissions according to GLP 
  • Real-time graph 
  • Automatic result calculation and onboard archive 
  • Analysis and instruments statistics
  • Distillation in series feature to speed up data entry 
  • Data export in .xls, .txt, .csv and maximum compatibility for LIMS

The optional barcode technology simplifies distillation data management and results calculation.

The UDK 159 software can be upgraded with the optional 21 CFR Part 11 Package for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industry laboratories that require compliance with FDA regulation. 


Streamlined processes and enhanced service support with VELP Ermes Cloud Platform

Streamlined processes and enhanced service support with VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
UDK 159 features the unique connection option via Wi-Fi or LAN to VELP Ermes Cloud Platform, the Smart Lab solution allowing you to reduce routine operations thanks to the real-time monitoring of your Kjeldahl analysis wherever you are, at any time. 

Just by using a PC, a Smartphone or a Tablet you can manage multiple instruments, consumables, workflows, analysis data, and instrument working conditions.

Immediate event and alarm notifications inform you about analyses and the remote analysis interruption guarantees total control of your laboratory processes. 

Grant access to instruments and data only to specific people in your organization and decide whether you like to share information directly with VELP or with authorized service centers to benefit from a reduced diagnostic time and enhanced service support. 

Nitrogen determination at high throughput gets to a new level with VELP Ermes Cloud Platform.

TEMS™ Technology

TEMS™ TechnologySave Time, Energy, Money and Space
UDK Series Kjeldahl distillation units work with the innovative TEMS™ benefits, for unmatched savings.

Time Saving: rapid heating reduces wasted time
Energy Saving: limited energy consumption thus cutting CO2 emissions
Money Saving: cost reduction for each analysis
Space Saving: the narrow footprint saves valuable laboratory bench space


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Vreceiver™ boric acid with indicator sealed bags

Vreceiver™ boric acid with indicator sealed bags
VELP unique Vreceiver™ is a certified formula composed of Boric Acid powder and a mixture of indicators mentioned by AOAC methods (Bromocresol Green and Methyl red) allowing fast and standardized receiving solution preparation for colorimetric titration.

The receiving solution is prepared in a few minutes facilitating the day by day operations instead of the typical time consuming process using single reagents. The result is a reliable and standardized solution for colorimetric titration.

21 CFR Part 11 Software Package Upgrade

21 CFR Part 11 Software Package Upgrade

Achieve compliance for 21 CFR Part 11 provisions for nitrogen determination with the dedicated optional Package for UDK 159 or 169 software.

The FDA's Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 11 defines the requirements for using electronic records and electronic signatures on computerized systems. The integrity, reliability, and trustworthiness of electronic records must be fulfilled as for 21 CFR Part 11 basic requirements. 

VELP 21 CFR Part 11 Package helps you achieve full compliance with Subpart B - Electronic Records and Subpart C - Electronic Signatures of the regulation.

Barcode technology for smart operations

Barcode technology for smart operations

The optional barcode reader matched with the sample tubes with barcode (Code A00000144) simplifies distillation data management and result calculation.

The barcode on the tubes can be scanned in order to transfer the data automatically for an optimized analysis workflow.
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Automated processes
  • Maximized efficiency


Structure Corrosion-resistant technopolymer
Display 7" color touch screen
Analysis time From 4 minutes (including titration)
MEASURING RANGE 0.04 - 220 mg N
Reproducibility (RSD) ≤ 1 %
Recovery ≥ 99.5 %
Detection Limit (LOD) > 0.015 mg N
Sodium hydroxide addition Automatic
Water addition Automatic
Boric acid addition Automatic
DELAY TIME (DEVARDA ALLOY ANALYSIS) 00 sec - 99 min 59 sec
WATER CONSUMPTION From 0,5 L / min to 15°C
From 1 L / min to 30°C
PROTOCOL LIBRARY 32 standard methods + 24 customizable
21 CFR PART 11 COMPLIANCE Yes, accessory 
CONNECTIVITY 2 x USB (balance, barcode scanner, mouse, printer, pen drive); Ethernet (Pc, Ermes)
DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 385x780x416 mm
15.2x30.7x16.4 in
WEIGHT 31 kg
68.3 lb

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