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Automatic Solvent Extractor

Solvent extraction is one of the most used analytical techniques to separate compounds by using solvents and exploiting components’ solubility differences.

There are several methods of performing an extraction. The traditional Soxhlet method is the best known though it has multiple areas for improvement.

Modern analytical laboratories are striving to develop methods that accomplish the desired results in a more rapid, less expensive, and automated manner.

The SER 158 Automatic Solvent Extractor works totally unattended and, as the table below shows, enables you to:

1. Speed up your analyses
In Hot Solvent Extractions the thimble is directly immersed in the boiling solvent. Differently, in Soxhlet ones there is the need for the solvent to pass back to the solid bed of samples many times and this makes the analyses require more than 150 minutes for each one.

2. Save valuable operator time
Thanks to full automation, the operator time is reduced to 2 minutes per analysis, which is the time needed to prepare the sample and set up the instrument.
Once done, the VELP SER 158 will automatically and unattended perform multiple extractions.
Moreover, results are immediately calculated and stored on the onboard memory and thanks to the VELP Ermes Cloud Platform the operator can monitor and control analyses from a virtual cockpit anywhere, anytime.

3. Maximize solvent recovery
The VELP titanium condensers enable more than 90% of solvent recovery. The solvent is collected in the cooled recovery tank and it can be reused, cutting down operating costs. 

4. Reduce water consumption
A minimal cooling water consumption (starting from 1 l/min) and the independent heaters switch on/off, enabling more than 60% of water consumption reduction.
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