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CSF6 Filtration Unit

Filtration unit for dietary fiber extraction.
CSF6 F30420210
CSF6 F30430210
CSF6 F30440210

Rapid and efficient filtration

CSF6 is optimal for efficient filtration, after the samples have been processed by the Enzymatic Digester GDE.

This VELP combination allows the analysis to be carried out in accordance with the official AOAC (Determination of Total Dietary Fibre) method with a drastic reduction in the time required compared to the manual procedure.
CFS6 filtration unit is able to perform single or multiple samples at the same time, up to a maximum of 6 samples at the same time, in less than 20 minutes, even at full load.

Reliable filtration unit

The high efficient pump allows to speed-up the filtration step and the final washing.

Compressed air can be also injected from the bottom to remove any sample accumulated in the filter of the crucible, which affects the quality of filtration.


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Construction material: epoxy painted stainless steel structure
Counterpressure: electronic setting
Residues collecting: separate
Filtration Peristaltic pump with high suction capacity
Power: 220 W
Weight: 28 Kg (61.6 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 750x420x380 mm (28.7x16.5x15 in)

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