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DKL 8 Automatic Digestion Unit

Automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Units with 8 positions aluminum heating block that offers excellent thermal stability and homogeneity. 
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DKL 8S30100200
DKL 8S30110200

Walk-away digestion unit to maximize productivity

Walk-away digestion unit to maximize productivity

DKL digesters are fully automatic and immediately ready to use, as they consist of an aluminum heating block, a lift for automatic sample handling, suction hood, test tubes, test tube rack and drip tray.

The DKL series provides the operator with the ultimate technology that allows the laboratory technician to set up the analysis choosing from a library of 54 programs (30 pre-installed + 24 customizable), press START and walk away, boosting the lab productivity.

Ease of loading and unloading make the VELP DKL a pleasure to use when carrying out Kjeldahl analysis, and there is no need to handle the sample when the tubes are hot!

Premium performance with aluminum heating block

Premium performance with aluminum heating block

DKL extremely fast aluminum heating block is capable of reaching 420°C in just 20 min with best-in-class temperature stability.

The choice of premium materials and the powerful microprocessor guarantee precise block temperature with an accuracy of ± 0.5°C.

Even in terms of repeatability and conductivity, aluminum offers incredibly high performance!

DKL digesters drastically reduce the time needed to reach the digestion temperature according to the Kjeldahl method. 

Compact design to save space in your lab

Compact design to save space in your lab

Everybody knows that there is never enough bench space in a laboratory, this is why we have made the DKL series as compact as possible.

The narrow footprint enables you to optimize bench space according to need: fit more instruments on the same lab bench or make different use of the extra space available.

Many labs prefer to perform mineralizations under a fume hood and the compact design of the DKL ensures a minimum use of precious space. 

Intuitive operations

Intuitive operations

Enjoy the simplicity of the DKL’s display. Extremely bright, easy to read and practical with all the fundamental parameters available at a single glance.

Current temperature and ramp settings are clearly viewed on the display.  Save up to 54 programs (30 pre-installed, 24 customizable) with up to 4 temperature ramps. 

Monitor each stage of analysis as well as select options such as language (including ideograms).

Improved communication leads to improved efficiency.

Fume Neutralization System

Fume Neutralization System
For applications where the digestion process produces fumes, acid gases or corrosive substances, the below specific accessory is strongly recommended:
  • KS 1000 Scrubber neutralizes all the fumes

TEMS™ Technology

TEMS™ Technology
The DKL series uses the unique TEMS™ technology, which provides significant savings.

Time: fast heating to 420 °C in just 22 minutes, excellent reliability, homogeneity and temperature accuracy.

Energy: reduced consumption by 35%, reduced CO2 emissions by reducing pollution.

Money: significant cost reduction for each analysis, increases the number of analyses without additional costs.

Space: compact profile, minimum use on the bench for optimal laboratory management


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Genuine consumables for your digestions

Genuine consumables for your digestions
Choosing the right consumables allow the optimization of analytical operations to achieve the highest possible performance of your Digestion Unit. We strongly recommend the use of VELP original consumables in order to be sure to obtain the best performance form your VELP instrument. 

The addition of a suitable catalyst, along with high temperature, have influence on the speed and the efficiency of the mineralization in Kjeldahl analysis. Achieving the highest level of performance in a wide range of Kjeldahl applications is now possible with VELP genuine KjTabs™ catalyst and antifoaming tablets.

VELP Nitrogen Free Weighing Boats are the perfect solution to all the difficult transfer operations of powders or syrupy samples into mineralization test tubes.


Construction material: Stainless steel with chemical resistant coating
Lift and suction cap control Automatic
Control system Microprocessor with LCD graphic display
Temperature range: Ambient to 450 °C / 842 °F
Stability of the heating block temperature: ± 0,5 °C
Precision of the heating block temperature: ± 0,5 °C
Set temperature: Digital readout in °C or °F
Temperature Calibration: Automatic
Program library 54 Program library, including 24 user-programmable memories
Selectable ramps: up to 4 per program
Digestion time range: 1 to 999 minutes
Time selection: 1-minute steps
Countdown: Digital readout
Selectable language: UK, I, E, F, RUS, CN + Additional downloadable
Interface USB to update SW
Heating Places 8-position
Size of tubes 250 ml test tubes (Ø 42 mm)
Power: 1150 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 210x690x540 mm (8.3x27.2x21.3 in)
Weight: 19.7 kg (43.5 lb)


Overtemperature Thermostat
Damaged temperature probe Automatic detection and alarm message
Lift movement Visual/acustic signal
Hot surface Visual signal if T>50°C

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Check technical sheets with answers to most frequently asked questions
What do we have to add to the test tube to perform the digestion step?
To properly perform the digestion step, it is necessary to prepare the glass test tube with the sample and:

1. KjTabs™ catalyst tablets to accelerate the digestion
2. Antifoam tables (especially recommended in the case of samples with a high-fat content)
3. 12 - 15 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid (98%)
How to insert the sample into the test tube?
The sample must be weighed within Nitrogen free weighing boats (CM0486000) and then placed inside the test tubes. In so doing there is no risk of part of the sample sticking to the test tube parts and the digestion therefore not being performed correctly.
Which kind of test tubes does VELP supply?
VELP provides a full set of test tubes. Download here the comparison table!
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