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NDA 701 Video - Nitrogen/Protein Analysis in a Flash


The NDA 701 is the exclusive VELP Scientifica solution for rapid, accurate and reliable Nitrogen/Protein determination using the Dumas technique and offering excellent performance on liquid, paste and solid samples.

NDA 701 VELP Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer gives lab managers an improved sample throughput, reduction of operational costs and minimization of human errors, being the ideal solution for R&D and QC labs with a high productivity.
With the best limit of detection on the market (from 0.003 mg N) and an RSD lower than 0.5% for EDTA, the user will obtain high precision results.

The DUMASoft™ is quick and simple to use with all the program parameters, run conditions and results displayed on a single screen of your PC and is available in different languages.

Once loaded the sample, the unit runs fully automatically offering exceptional reproducibility and comparability of data.

The NDA 701 has no requirement for hazardous chemicals, providing fast, safe and proven nitrogen/protein determination and it is ideal for numerous applications such as food, feed, beverage, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical testing.

Complying with all the well-known international standards – AOAC, AACC, ASBC, OIV and ISO – the NDA 701 provides a professional and comprehensive response to the needs of industry.


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