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New Hot Plate Stirrers AREX Digital & AREX Digital PRO


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VELP Scientifica product portfolio has been expanded, offering you a wider choice in terms of hot plate stirrers.

The new models AREX Digital and AREX Digital PRO represent the state-of-the-art with aluminum alloy top to provide a uniform heat distribution over the entire surface, coated with a protective ceramic layer that ensures ease of cleaning and excellent resistance to chemicals, scratches and abrasions.

Equipped with digital display to finely set and monitor stirring speed and temperature, they are sold as a packages to provide a ready to use solution for direct control of the liquid temperature.

AREX Digital includes an external probe Pt100, which works up to 250 °C, whilst AREX Digital PRO ensures perfect and precise thermoregulation up to 300 °C, with the connection to the digital VTF (included, with a support rod).

The powerful motor ensures vigorous stirring, up to 1500 rpm, whilst the counter-reaction ensures constant speed even when sample viscosity changes.

AREX Digital & AREX Digital PRO can be programmed with a maximum safety temperature, useful for some particular applications that require not to exceed certain temperatures, and preventing unintentional heat up.



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