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New Premium Quality Kjeldahl Consumables


Effective immediately, we are proud to announce the availability of a new set of consumables for all the phases of Kjeldahl analysis, entirely manufactured by VELP Scientifica.

This new line of genuine Kjeldahl consumables includes KjTabsTM catalyst and antifoaming tablets suitable for all the applications as well as VreceiverTM boric acid powder formula with indicators for colorimetric titration simplifying and optimizing your distillations.

In order to enhance the performances of your digestion units, VELP designed seven different types of accurately pre-dosed KjTabsTM tablets for both accelerating the mineralization process and drastically reducing foam formation, fundamental for the good outcome of your Kjeldahl analysis.

In addition, VELP is launching the unique pre-dosed VreceiverTM sealed bags, containing VELP boric acid powder formula with indicators for colorimetric titration. The VreceiverTM is ready in a few minutes, easy to use and guaranteeing reliable and standardized receiving solution preparation for precise and accurate analysis (especially combined with VELP automatic distillation units with integrated titrator).

Ensure premium performance from your analytical instruments with the new VELP Scientifica consumables designed to make your life easier and to obtain the utmost from your instruments.

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