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TEMPSoft™, the New Software for Incubators


VELP Scientifica is always focused on offering more complete solutions and the latest technology for your lab.
The news of today is TEMPSoft™, the new software able to manage the internal temperature of your incubator directly from the PC. In this way, it will be possible to have the complete control of your incubator, through the wireless interface, with the following features:

  • set working ramps (different times and temperatures) and the desired set point, with the possibility of minimum and maximum temperature alarm tresholds
  • monitor of the internal temperature with a dedicated graph and record the trend on a spreadsheet
  • store test data in conformity with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)

Set your operating condition on the TEMPSoft™, then FOC Incubator and Wireless DataBox™,  included with the software along with a USB cable for its connection to the PC, will communicate with their wireless capabilities.
All the information will be constantly shown and stored through the TEMPSoft™.


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