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AluBlocks™, your multi-experiment modular system


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AluBlocks™ are economic solution which allows lab technicians to perform different heating and stirring experiments with the widest flexibility, heating and/or stirring all types of test tubes.

Create your own working station able to support different sizes of test tube with these modular solutions.

AluBlocks™ are made by aluminum, for excellent heat transmission and homogeneity.
Use the round-top hot plate stirrer (ARE/AREX/AREX Digital Series) with a temperature probe (Pt100 or VTF Vertex, Fuzzy logic technology) and achieve premium performance in terms of temperature control and precision: each block is manufactured with a small hole where the probe can be inserted. AluBlocks™ can be used also with RC hot plate.

Main applications are connected to chemistry and biochemistry, food and/or environmental testing, analytical experiments and teaching.

Easy set-up and maximum versatility are ensured, as you can use one AluBlock™ for one application today and a different one tomorrow.

Improve your productivity, with one hot plate stirrer only able to run different tests simultaneously, saving time, money and bench space.

Choose among different colors and test tube dimensions.










In case of bigger flasks, we offer aluminum hemispheric bowls, with various capacities: 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml, forgetting about all the risks coming from heating mantles and oil baths.



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